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112, 2022

Proposed New Strategic Planning Direction

Proposed New Strategic Planning Direction   The purpose of this report is to seek Council endorsement to progress a new land use planning strategy and scheme for Shoalhaven, following consideration at the 26 November 2022 extraordinary Strategic Planning Working Party meeting (workshop). Recomm [...]

112, 2022

Draft Showground Master Plan

Draft Berry Showground Master Plan  Recommendation That Council; 1. Receive this report for information in relation to engagement activities undertaken to date to inform the Draft Berry Showground Master Plan. 2. Approve release of the Draft Berry Showground Master Plan for public exhibition for a p [...]

911, 2022

Agritourism – Papers for DPE briefing at Council

We believe the State Government’s Agritourism initiative has been hijacked by a group of developers who have persuaded the Planning Minister to overturn the legitimate decisions by councils, such as Ballina, Byron and Shoalhaven, to prohibit the new Agritourism land uses in their LEPs. No explanatio [...]

111, 2022

Proposed 24/7 Fast Food Store & Servo

Applicant's response to Council's letter of 7 October requiring additional information in relation to the applicant’s modification application under section 4.55(2) of the EPA Act.   See >> Applicant response 21 October [...]

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