Welcome to the Berry Forum

The Berry Forum is the Community Consultative Body (CCB) representing the views of the Berry region  to the  local government authority, Shoalhaven City Council. The goal of the Forum is to provide the community with an informed capability to influence the future of the Berry region.

The Forum is open to all ratepayers and residents of the Berry region, who are members automatically.  We do not require membership fees.  Visitors from outside our CCB are welcome, but they do not have voting rights.

David Carter (Chair), Gail Paton (Vice-Chair), Stuart Coughlan (Secretary), Laurie Watson (Treasurer), Mary Beare (Minutes Secretary), Geoff Armstrong, David Brawn, Garry Broadbridge, John Cullity, Lynne de Graaf, James Robinson, John Underwood

To provide a communication link and understanding of the decision making processes of Council and other agencies.
To facilitate discussion on issues of concern within the community and exchange ideas, independent of any interest group,
To represent to Council the Berry community’s consensus view on any given matter, including that of local groups, and to assist other views in being heard.
To promote community spirit through the sharing of community-relevant information.

Chairman & Treasurer’s Report: – Report for 2017/18

Guidelines – Conduct of Community Consultative Bodies, Shoalhaven City Council. – Download

Constitution – The Constitution was endorsed by the Forum meeting on 10 September 2015 –  Constitution

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