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1702, 2021

Two-storey Dwelling at 57 Victoria St

DA20/2281 was lodged on 30 November for demolition of an existing dwelling (opposite the heritage-listed Courthouse and Police Residence) and construction of a very large two-storey flat roofed dwelling that is very unsympathetic to its surrounds. The site is also adjacent to the proposed Berry Show [...]

1512, 2020

Another Scheme to Obtain a Prohibited Function Centre

Previous opportunistic DAs that tried to use LEP Clause 2.8 ‘Temporary Use of Land’ to get approval for prohibited function centres in RU1 zones were refused after the Forum advised Council of the Marshall Land & Environment Court case that ruled there must be an absence of adverse impact on the [...]

111, 2020

Tourist Resort DA for 275 Bong Bong Road

The owners of thirty properties in Bong Bong and Mount Hay Roads have joined in opposition to a proposed tourist resort development application. The applicant is attempting to use the now infamous 'tourist & visitor accommodation' land use description to obtain approval for multiple accommodatio [...]

2910, 2020

Changes to laws for short-term rental accommodation

A mandatory Code of Conduct for the Short-term Rental Accommodation Industry will apply from 18 December 2020. Guest obligations You must not make noise that unreasonably disrupts your neighbours You must not cause damage to the premises, including any common property in a strata scheme or  communit [...]

2710, 2020

Primitive Glamping DA Refused

Councillors voted unanimously on 27 October to refuse the Woollamia development application for 'Primitive Glamping". A very similar DA for Mt Hay in Broughton Vale has received 170 objections from residents. See submission from residents’ planner The Forum Committee had written to Council about app [...]

410, 2020

Feedback on Proposed Rezoning of 49 Queen & 20 Edward Sts

Berry, like all towns, needs a variety of housing and types and affordability, however this is neither a good location nor an appropriate design for this part of Berry. Poor design and totally out of keeping with village character and atmosphere. More appropriate for inner Sydney; low density housin [...]

110, 2020

Rezoning of 49 Queen & 20 Edward Sts

The subject land comprises 20 Edward Street (area 1,009m2) and 49 Queen Street (607m2) with a total area 1,616m2. The commercial buildings on the site currently include a wool store, and antique/furniture store and office premises. The proposal is to rezone the land from R2 low density to R3 medium [...]

109, 2020

Primitive Glamping ?

In response to concerns raised by a large number of residents, the Committee has written to Council about the misuse of the description ‘primitive camping ground’ to obtain approval for luxury ‘glamping’ sites. Our research shows that three very similar applications have been made in Berry, Woollami [...]

408, 2020

Proposed Rezoning of 55 Wire Lane (Beach Rd)

The Department of Planning has advised that the applicant has lodged a Gateway review application. This means that the Gateway determination to refuse the Planning Proposal will now be reviewed and considered by the NSW Independent Planning Commission. [...]

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