From: Berry Forum Sent: Wednesday, July 3, 2019 To: Stephen DunsheaSubject: Boongaree District Park

Hi Steve,
We had a Committee meeting on Monday and below is an extract from the minutes. Committee members were unanimous in their concern about the estimated costs for the Park, which they felt were out of control.
The community is very concerned about the development, which it originally supported –
  • Because of the staggering cost estimates it is now being perceived as an extravagant tourist attraction that may provide little to no benefit to the Berry community.
  • Inevitably, for many years to come Berry will be starved of funding for any other requirements, as there will be a perception that Berry has ‘had far more than its fair share’.
It would be good to discuss. Unfortunately I will be overseas for three weeks from Monday, but maybe on my return?
cheers, Stuart