Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Virtual meeting on Tuesday 7 April 2020 at 8.30am

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, John Underwood, David Brawn, Heather Macdonald, James Robinson, Laurie Watson, John Cullity, Geoff Armstrong
Apologies:  Gary Broadbridge, Gail Paton

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 2 March 2020: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development –

  • 52 Parker Crescent Multi-Dwelling proposal – local residents have obtained legal opinion that Council’s staged approach to approving subdivision applications using strata title to circumvent Minimum Lot Size is invalid.
  • Council Review of Clause 2.8 ‘Temporary Use of Land’ – Council staff have recommended no change be made, pending the outcome of planning proposals from a few councils in northern NSW that would create a new land use ‘rural event site’.
  • Council Review of Tourist Accommodation planning provisions – Council staff have ignored the views expressed in the community survey and the Forum’s proposed amendments to the SLEP, and recommended the only change be inclusion of the meaningless ‘model clause’.
  • Landscape screening plan for Hitchcocks Lane Planning Proposal – John C. advised a 20 metre vegetation corridor is proposed on the south side of the development. An invitation will be extended to the developers to present at a Forum Meeting once we are allowed to resume
  • Planning Proposal for 55 Wire Lane –: the PP has now been received by the Department.
  • 510 Beach Road subdivision – will go on exhibition from 15 April to 15 May.
  • The Committee discussed a need for Council to clarify the protocols by which it is going to function and long-term strategies. (Council meetings will be conducted by Zoom). As a community advocate, we need to remind Council to make sure it is transparent. Given social distancing, we cannot hold open Forum meetings and as issues arise, we do not have a platform to voice community concerns. Letter to Council; pose it as a question? transparency and openness through Council processes and community interaction. Action: David Carter to circulate.
  • Mananga Homestead DA for cabins – Council arranged a heritage review and have now asked Mr. Quinn to remove one cabin and to amend the construction of the shed/ reception area to be more in keeping with the heritage of the area. The owner of Willow Farm, which boarders Mananga, has notified the council that the dam rear wall is on his property and the dam needs to be moved.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Berry amenities upgrade at Apex Park – work will commence next Tuesday 14
  • Edward St bridge – kerb, guttering and sidewalk are being worked on. Council’s Director of Infrastructure Paul Keech is reviewing the design – James to contact Alex Stokes.
  • KV Road footpath – John Wells will put a proposal to the next Council meeting to build the footpath. Laurie to inform residents the Committee supports the proposed online petition.
  • Berry tip closure – Laurie to respond to Rick

Solar Farm at North Nowra – David B advised the DA has been lodged and the land lease is being negotiated with Council. Repower is establishing an investment vehicle for the public to invest at an appropriate time. Progress has been delayed by the virus impacts.

Other Business
Working with the Chamber – Stuart met with Bill Seelis to establish a communications process. James and Bill will act as the conduit for information flow.

Next Committee meeting –Monday 4 May