Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 8 May 2023 8.30am at the Uniting Church

Present Ian Hendry (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Mary Beare, Emanuele Rattazzi, Gail Paton, Judith Ball, Laurie Watson and Heather Macdonald
Apologies: David Brawn, Robyn Baxendale and David Carter

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 3 April 2023 Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes –

  • Concern re Princess St. address for proposed psychology centre – Resolved
  • Station Rd proposed communal facility – Stuart to seek more information – Discussed with Patricia White

Planning & Development

  • Agritourism changes to SEPP and the SLEP –
    • Gareth has drafted an amendment to remove the current agritourism provisions.
    • Stuart has sent him a draft recommending a new single term ‘agritourism premises’ with a maximum floor area in clause 5.4 of the SILEP, as previously agreed by the DPI, of 100sqm (including verandas). Councils would have the option of including ‘agritourism premises’ in rural zones.
  • Proposed service station status – awaiting Council legal opinion. ACTION: Stuart to contact Planning for update
  • Council Strategic Planning prioritization meeting – TVA, DCP and HCA proposals. Status – pending information from Cl. Patricia White.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • PAMP-Bike plan mapping amendments – tabled
  • Shared Footpaths along KV Rd discussed. Next Forum meeting, present options to residents.  Action: Stuart to raise Edward St Bridge status
  • Proposed pedestrian crossings – Action: Stuart and Laurie to meet with northern engineer.

Forum meeting agenda for 8 June     –
Service station update
Pedestrian crossings

Other Business

  • Draft Access Areas for Dogs Policy – individual submissions
  • Council workshops to help residents switch to electric – individual involvement
  • 2022 land values to be used for Council rates – increase of 100% for Berry
  • CCB Policy and PLI – PLI paper going to Council meeting on Monday
  • Berry Preschool and Telstra receiver  Action: Stuart to check DA and see if Preschool was informed

Meeting closed 10:05

Next Committee meeting – 29 May
Next Forum meeting – 8 June at the UC Hall