Draft Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 3 April 2023 8.30am at the Uniting Church

Present:  David Carter (Chair), Ian Hendry, David Brawn, Stuart Coughlan, Robyn Baxendale, Mary Beare, Emanuele Rattazzi, Gail Paton, Judith Ball and Heather Macdonald
Apologies: Laurie Watson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 20 February 2023 Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Forum meeting on 16 March –
Note venue change, better facilities at Uniting Church

Planning & Development

  • Agritourism changes to SEPP and the SLEP – Gareth to proceed with private members bill to reverse the changes made by the then Minister
  • Proposed service station status – will request webinar be postponed and legal advice considered.
  • 260 Mt Hay Rd Primitive Camping – DA withdrawn from LEC appeal.
  • 260 Mt Hay Rd – the Committee is not satisfied with Council’s responses on the tourist cabin being used as a dwelling, and the third unidentified dwelling.
  • Council Strategic Planning prioritization – TVA, DCP and HCA proposals await Council’s review.
  • 80 Queen St – proposed psychology medical centre – we have asked Council to clarify confusion regarding that two addresses listed in Princess and Queen Streets.
  • Station Rd – proposed communal facility for Spinners & Weaver’s (cost to build $1.6m). Council initiated the DA. Action: Stuart to seek more information and advise Council that RFS’ need for a site should be considered.

Infrastructure & Facilities
Road repairs status – Covered at Forum Meeting.
Proposed pedestrian crossings – Still being considered, possible funding available. Noted

Other Business

  • Stuart attended a meeting with other CCBs, which agreed a united approach to council on PLI, CCB guidelines and community engagement strategy.
  • Robyn advised that she would be temporarily standing down from the Committee whilst the issues with 260 Mt Hay Rd are being addressed, so as to avoid a perception of conflict of interest.

Next Committee meeting – 1 May
Next Forum meeting – 8 June at the UC Hall

Meeting closed 10:00