Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 15 January 8am at the Uniting Church

Present: Ian Hendry (Chair), Stuart Coughlan (Secretary), Peter Saul, Robyn Baxendale, Judith Ball, David Brawn, Gail Paton, John Jeston, Laurie Watson, Cassandra Harris and Mary Beare
Apologies: Emanuele Rattazzi

Minutes of Meeting held on 4 December. Approved
Actions arising from Minutes – None 

Berry Hotel RA23/1002 major redevelopment
The Feros Group lodged an appeal at the LEC just before Xmas allowing them to bypass Council and the Regional Panel. Council now needs to appoint legal representation pending a Directions Hearing.

The Committee agreed that the law firm needs to be high standard and once selected, we will work with the lawyer and alert residents for support. Megan Picket would like to assist.

Council rates proposal
All CCBs have received a document entitled Important Facts & Questions to Council, prepared by a collective of Shoalhaven financial professionals.
Action: Stuart to prepare draft newsletter encouraging residents to email council and councilors to make their views clear.

8.45 Defibrillator proposal – David Arakie
David is a Shoalhaven Heads resident and shared his work of establishing a not-for-profit charity ‘Shoalhaven Superheroes Community Care’. David has joined with an Australian company who make one-time use defibrillators and has asked for the Berry Forum to consider being involved. With each 10 defibrillators sold within the Berry postcode, the company will donate one unit to the Berry Community.
Action: Stuart to formally invite David to present at next Forum Meeting.

Station Masters Residence proposal
Presentation to be given at Forum meeting on 7 March.

Other Business
Berry Historical Society has developed a fact sheet countering the Ignite presentation negativity with facts. It was suggested that it be sent to the Chamber.

Meeting Closed: 10:10am

Next Committee Meeting: 12 February
Next Forum Meeting: 7 March