Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 12 Feb 9am at the Uniting Church

Present: Ian Hendry (Chair), Stuart Coughlan (Secretary), Peter Saul, Robyn Baxendale, Judith Ball, David Brawn, John Jeston, Laurie Watson and Mary Beare.
Apologies: Emanuele Rattazzi, Cassandra Harris and Gail Paton

Minutes of Meeting held on 15 Jan. Approved
Actions arising from Minutes:

  • Council rate proposal – newsletter was sent encouraging residents to email Council and councilors to make their views clear.
  • David Arakie was formally invited to present at next Forum Meeting on 7 March

Mary updated Committee about meeting with David. 

Berry Hotel RA23/1002 major redevelopment
Submissions were made to the Planning Panel by community members on Friday 9 February. Council will request more information from the applicant. Council has engaged Shaw Reynolds.

Another round of media was suggested, but the matter is now with the LEC and further community input could be counterproductive as Judith explained.

Action: Stuart to listen to Panel recording and inform Panel Chair of flaws in a submission.

Council rates proposal
Discussion on outcome of Council meetings. John suggested to have Gareth Ward to ask the question of the Auditor General regarding the cost shifting.

Berry DCP engagement
Newsletter reminder was sent about Council engagement survey due by 16 February,
Council’s communication referring to DCP and HCA was very confusing.
Action: Stuart to resend newsletter stressing the importance of the survey.

55 Wire Ln subdivision using SLEP Cl 4.2B & E
Discussion on applicant’s motivation in using this clause.

Peter Yan email
Email request for his company, Manticore, to work with the Forum.

Action: Stuart to respond to Peter Yan email

Forum meeting on 7 March

  • AED Defibrillators – David Arakie
  • Station Masters Residence presentation – Andrew Killingsworth
  • Council rates update
  • Berry Hotel update
  • Berry DCP update

Other Business
Discuss at next meeting how to attract younger people to the Forum’s communications.

Meeting Closed: 10:40 am