Draft Minutes of the Berry Forum Meeting
Held June 14, 2018 7:30pm at the Berry School of Arts

Present: 54 people attended the meeting, including Clrs Patricia White and Joanna Gash and federal member Ann Sudmalis.

Welcome and Introduction (David Carter – Chairman)
Minutes of the meeting held on April 19, 2018 were approved


  • Amendment to the Medium Density DCP on public exhibition
  • Subdivision on Wharf Rd – 9 industrial lots, 1 rural.
  • Email exchange re date of Huntingdale Park development proposal
  • Letter from Gareth Ward MP re Berry Station Masters Cottage
  • Council email exchange re plans for footpaths and kerb ramps for Berry
  • Telstra advice re new mobile phone station
  • Council advice re Bolong Road closure
  • Notification of NSW Duathlon Championships event
  • Council email exchange re status of Berry Equestrian Centre
  • Gareth Ward given copy of Committee submission on Bangalee Motel DA
  • Gareth Ward asked to follow up on tourist accommodation LEP loophole
  • Discussion with NRMA on EVA charging site

Community Funded Solar – Peter Crick
Peter Crick presented on behalf of RePower Shoalhaven, a member-based non-profit community group that develops community solar projects for businesses to save money and to reduce their carbon footprint. Peter explained how the RePower community funded solar model works, how they do business, the benefits for businesses and investors, and how local people can help. Several businesses in Berry have utilized their roof space to have RePower install solar panels. 

Station Masters Residence – Annette Frohling
Annette presented on behalf of the Conservation Committee for the Berry Railway Station Precinct (which dates back to 1892). Although in a state of neglect, the SMR (owned by Railcorp) is a very rare and unique example of an early design railway grouping and holds an important place in the history of the town. The building cannot be repaired, but there is potential to have the external appearance preserved rather than letting it be demolished.

There is strong community support for preserving the building. A petition with 2600 signatures will be sent to the NSW Government, along with letters of support, including one from Gareth Ward. Anyone wishing to sign the petition or write a letter of support should contact Annette.

Bangalee Motel DA Committee Submission – Stuart Coughlan
Council has received 86 submissions, all objecting to the revised application.

Some important misconceptions about the application were explained to help clarify the full impact of the proposed development –

  • Some advocates of the proposal on Facebook have referred to the existing motel structure as dilapidated and support its replacement. However, the existing motel will remain and co-exist next to the proposed new buildings that will look very different.
  • There is also confusion over the height of the buildings with some believing it will be two storeys when viewed from Tannery Rd., when in fact it will be three storeys in height.

The misconceptions have highlighted a deficiency in the presentation of how the overall development site will appear. The photomontage only shows the two new buildings, and the significant design misalignment with the existing structure is absent.

The Forum Committee’s submission is based on the technical information and arguments put forward by Berry Historical Society and residents. In particular, the assessment by Council’s heritage advisor is shown to be deficient when compared to the precedent set by the State Government in 1999, which acknowledged the significance of the site as the northern gateway to Berry and chose to protect the cohesive character of the Broughton Creek area following its heritage assessment rating of ‘Exceptional Significance’.

Council Infrastructure Spending in Berry – Laurie Watson
The follow projects have been included in the 2018-19 Budget:

  • Apex Park public amenities $300,000. The existing toilet block will be replaced with unisex/accessible toilets.
  • Woodhill Mountain Rd repairs $730,000
  • Edward Street Bridge repairs $195,000

The Committee has successfully lobbied Council to install three disabled/pram ramps to assist both residents and visitors to Berry. They are located in Alexandra Street opposite the war memorial, on the SW corner of Edward/Albert Streets and on the SW corner of Albany/North Streets.

The BCAC and Council have agreed to our request to fund a footpath along Alexandra Street (between North St and Albert Street) with kerb ramps installed at either end, to be constructed by a local contractor. When Berry District Park is completed, the street will become a main pedestrian thoroughfare.

General Business – None 

Meeting Closed 8:29 pm
Next Forum Meeting 16 August 2018