Draft Minutes of the Berry Forum Meeting
Held 13 June 2019 7:30pm at the Berry School of Arts

Present: 76 people, including Clr John Wells Apologies: Deputy Mayor Patricia White

Welcome and Introduction (David Carter – Chairman)
Minutes of the meeting held 11 April were approved. 

Berry to Bomaderry Upgrade (Michael Phillips-Ryder, Project Director)
The Project Director Michael Phillips-Ryder presented an overview of progress to-date and future plans and then answered questions from residents.

Proposed Stage 6 of The Arbour (James Robinson)
James Robinson provided a briefing on Stage 6 of the Arbour to construct 11 additional dwellings. Submission of a development application is expected in September.

‘Temporary’ function centres (Stuart Coughlan)
On 7 May Council discussed the merits of a proposal from staff to review the operation and effect of SLEP Clause 2.8 – Temporary use of land. Stuart Coughlan made a deputation at the meeting on behalf of the Forum, alerting councillors to the fact that community concerns could be addressed by Council enforcing legal precedent and refusing the development applications for Strongs Road and Tindalls Lane. Councillors were shown photos and video of a ‘family’ wedding held at the Tindalls Lane site on 4 May, where noise levels after midnight were recorded at around 60 decibels, compared to a legal limit of 35.

State Planning: Proposed Local Character Overlay (Stuart Coughlan)
At present there is limited opportunity in the LEP, other than through individual heritage listing or establishment of Heritage Conservation Areas, to strengthen consideration of character impact. Council has been grappling with how to manage character impacts arising from development in areas like the older part of Berry and the medium density zones to the west of the Nowra CBD. The NSW Government wants to strengthen the role of ‘character’ in the planning system and the draft proposal provides an opportunity for Council to consider and appropriately manage this issue through the LEP.

Growth Management Strategy (Stuart Coughlan)
Council has advised that it is currently reviewing the scope and timeframe for GMS Version 2. An Engagement Report will be published in July that summarises community feedback, and GMSV2 will now be developed in conjunction with the Local Strategic Planning Statement for the Shoalhaven due in July 2020.

Infrastructure (Laurie Watson)
Apex Park toilets – Council is investigating refurbishing rather than replacement due to budget issues.
Edward Street bridge – a contractor has been selected for the final design and construction in August. 

Forum Correspondence (Stuart Coughlan)
Available on the Forum website under News updates.

General Business
RMS has been asked to change the speed limit sign on the bypass southern off-ramp from 60kph to 50kph, and to move the 50kph sign on Woodhiil Mtn Rd back to the bridge.

Meeting closed 8.45pm
Next Forum Meeting – August 15