• A DCP compliant development would require around 100 additional car spaces.
  • It appears the existing development provides 23 spaces only (excl Council parking spaces) and 44 are being added.
  • Therefore, the development is proposing a DCP shortfall variation of around 56 parking spaces.
  • If the same DCP requirement was applied to the existing pub floor area, which is being redeveloped, the parking shortfall would be around 250 spaces.


Traffix Parking Survey & Questionnaire
The development is based on a capacity of 470 patrons, yet based on its survey, Traffix claims that a total of only 47 parking spaces would be required, compared to 67 provided.

Traffix state the survey was undertaken on a ‘typical weekend’. However, it was undertaken in Winter on the weekend of 19/20 August, when visitor numbers would have been limited due to bad weather (see BoM record below).

  • The weather on Friday 18 August was max 160 with showers (2mm of rain) and very windy (46km/h at 3pm with gusts up to 85km/h).
  • The weather on Saturday 19 August was max 160, windy (39km/h at 3pm with gusts up to 67km/h).
  • The weather on Sunday 19 August was max 210, wind gusts up to 48km/h.

Yet, based on a questionnaire of only around a hundred patrons, Traffix state –

  • it is evident from the surveys undertaken that surplus parking capacity is always available across a typical weekend.
  • Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that all parking demands are readily accommodated within the subject development with no reliance on public parking spaces.