Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on Aug 13 2018 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, David Brawn, Gail Paton, Margot Claringbold, Laurie Watson, John Underwood, and Garry Broadbridge
Apologies: James Robinson, John Cullity, Mary Beare, Marilyn Kellett

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 9 July – Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Agenda for 16 August Forum meeting
Council Road Safety Project for Queen Street
District Park status (Liliana Hutchison)
– Bangalee Motel DA (outcome of Development Committee meeting)
– Huntingdale Park application (brief summary of changes)
– Vennu – Suzanne Campbell

Planning & Development

  • Bangalee Motel – deputation at Development Committee meeting to cover issues with the assessment process
  • S96 for Huntingdale Park –we will arrange a separate meeting
  • Request for support from Bendelong re eco-tourist facility DA supported

Infrastructure & Facilities
Mark Radium Park shelter and seating proposal from Council to be raised at Forum meeting

Solar Garden at North Nowra Tip – Council’s Strategy & Assets Committee approved in principle.

Council Matters
Councillors tour Friday 14 Sept. Suggestions on sites to visit/ itinerary items to be provided. 

Other Business
The Chamber will be proceeding with the agreed plan.

Next Committee meeting – 3 September
Next Forum meeting – 11 October

Meeting closed 12.10 pm