Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on Monday 10th April 2017 at 10.30am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, James Robinson, Dorothy Hanbridge, Marilyn Kellett, Margot Claringbold, Bill Rice, David Brawn, Mary Beare, Hania Norman, John Cullity, John Underwood   Apologies: Laurie Watson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 13 March: Approved.    Actions arising – None.

Discussion on Berry Alliance Plans
Holly Landgren, the new President of Berry Alliance was invited to speak about her plans for the Alliance and its relationship with the Forum.

Discussion re confusion within the community as to the difference between the two groups.

Holly spoke about areas and projects that the Alliance supports with the funds from advertising costs in the Town Crier, including scholarships, footpaths, charity works, sponsorship of events and sporting uniforms. Her key focus is on Sustainability for Berry.

The Forum Committee has requested financial support from the Alliance.

The BFC agreed that regular meetings with Holly would be mutually beneficial. 

Berry District Park 
The DPRG hosted a workshop for key Stakeholders at Berry School Hall on Tuesday.

27 stakeholders and 8 staff participated including Council and RMS

Participants split into 3 groups with balanced interests in each group.

Map and puzzle pieces were given to each group to assemble the ‘Park’.

The groups came up with similar outcomes, and there was space for everything.

Next step- consultants take layouts from Stakeholders meeting and draw up a plan for broader communication with community. Stakeholder groups need to sell plan to their members.

Town Centre
There are no footpaths along roads accessing the town from parking to the north. Parking should be encouraged in Alexandra Street opposite the School of Arts. Signage is needed.

The School of Arts is a possible site for another toilet block. The group is prioritizing ideas and creating a matrix of impact/ ease of implementation.

Infrastructure & Facilities
Future parking situation under review. Concern over overlap with Town Centre Review Group.

Tree planting plan being developed. Council funds requested for infill plantings.

Station Masters House potential purchase and renovation by Council to be considered.

No new ideas have been received from the community.

Consider expanding website to cover Sustainability, bags, transport, recycling and to provide framework with most information being in the form of web links.

Many areas listed are not the SRG responsibility. Electronic vehicle recharge station is a priority. Grand Berry garage sale to be considered – map for visitors to follow.

Council News
CCB Executive Meeting Thursday 11 May 11.30am – 3.30pm. Stuart and John Cullity to attend.
Kerb ramps – 3 ramps will be funded by Council in next financial year.

Forum Agenda

  • Fulton Hogan
  • Overview of Review Groups activities – David
  • District Park Stakeholder meeting update – James
  • Rockfield Park update – Stuart

Next Committee meetings – May 1 & 29?  Next Forum meeting – 20 April at the SofA