Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held 19th October 2023 8.30am at the Uniting Church

Present: Ian Hendry (Chair) via Zoom, Gail Paton, John Jeston, Judith Ball, Robyn Baxendale, Mary Beare, Peter Saul, Laurie Watson, David Brawn, and Cassandra Harris
Apologies: Emanuel Rattazzi and Stuart Coughlan

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 14th September: Pending
Actions arising: None.

Berry Hotel Development:

  • Stuart’s Comments: Noted
  • John suggested the OTR approach is a good template to use with residents involved.
  • Development: positive direction to get outcome for community.
  • The Committee agreed the refurbishment and upgrade is needed, but the main concern is the size and scale of the accommodation building, with noise and parking also major concerns. Façade to remain.
  • The proposal needs to be modified, for better outcome for community and heritage, with community views included in the development.
  • There will be significant costs to properly pursue this application. Still need to discuss how we resource. Go fund me?
  • Need to ask for extension for submissions.
  • Community needs to be informed and made aware of the issues that will affect the community. An outline was distributed by John of a list of priorities he suggested might be a good start on getting the community involved and informed.
  • Meeting with Gareth Ward on 30 Oct. Purpose and needs of that meeting to be determined.
  • John suggested that Judith needs help with research, but she said she would ask for assistance if required.

Strategies for Informing the Community
Megan Pikett has offered to organise a neighbours meeting and John has offered to speak.

Public Meeting on 1 November

  • Contact Stuart for email letterhead: Ian Hendry
  • Cassandra offered to organise media, speaker John Pending
  • Laurie to invite representative from Feros group: Ian to extend invitation
  • Robyn to invite Kate Dezarnaulds from Chamber

Next Meeting: 30 October (including discussion with Gareth Ward)