Minutes Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the School of Arts on Monday 26th October 2015 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Noel Marshall, Stuart Coughlan, Mary Beare, Bill Rice, Margot Claringbold, James Robinson, John Cullity, John Underwood, Dorothy Hanbridge, Hania Norman, Marilyn Kellett
Apologies: Laurie Watson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 12th October
Approved – no matters arising.

Strategic Plan-discussion

  • Jessica Rippon has provided a time-line and brief for consultants to respond to. A workshop with the sub-committee and council staff has been suggested.
  • Sub-Committee
  • The Sub-Committee will focus on process and will facilitate the ground work, so that the Berry Community can have input into the Strategic Plan
  • There will be 8 members, 4 from the Committee (James, David, Bill & Dorothy) and 4 from the Berry community (Anthony Colfelt, Grahame Sweeney, Margaret Street & Keith Pepper). There will be no substitutes or delegates.
  • Dorothy moved that we do not ever vote via email again- seconded by There were 2 votes for and 10 against, and the motion failed.

Berry amenities status
There is a general view that it is too early to make decision on location of a new amenities block. John U. has responded to Council asking that they put funding aside until a future decision regarding Berry District Park.
If budget funds must be used, an upgrade to Apex Park amenities block is preferred.
Improved signage and merchants having a small map to give to visitors would help..

Major Projects status
Mt Hay Road – Development Committee on 3 November, 4pm at Council chambers.
Rockfield Park- Council meeting on 5 November at 4pm at Council chambers and JRPP on 12 Nov at 3pm at Nowra School of Arts.

  • Alternative Venues – Agreed that we would use the Pavillion/Agriculture Hall for Forum meetings and Hania’s meeting room for Committee/Sub-committee meetings
  • Projector and screen – We will request use of Strategic Plan funds for a projector. Noel has offered use of his screen. Microphone – Action: Stuart to ask Peter Spillane
  • Timing for Forum speakers – Margot will ring a bell to warn speakers.
  • InsuranceAction: Stuart to clarify our insurance position with Council.
  • Salvage logs – We will allow someone to speak to this at next Forum meeting.
  • CCB Combined Meeting – Wednesday 11 November at Council Chambers, 12pm. Stuart, Marilyn and Margot (Dorothy as alternate).
  • Woodhill Mountain Rd roundabout– we will ask RMS to provide improved communications of plans.
  • Kerb ramp proposal– Confirmed support for Edward St on south side of Queen St.
  • Council maintenance reporting request – we will inform Forum members and ask that Council let us know what issues are raised.
  • Bank account – a meeting at the bank has been arranged for Monday 2 November.

Date of Next Committee Meetings – November 16th and 30th, December 14th

Meeting closed 11:50