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1809, 2023

Resident proposal for a 40km/h speed limit for all Berry streets

WELCOME TO BERRY     -    SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY Boongaree Nature Play Park presents issues of parking and pedestrian safety. What is already a problem will only become worse as Council’s Boongaree Business Case forecasts a fourfold increase in visitations – from around 46K to 175K – by 2026 You’ll be [...]

1209, 2023

Agritourism submission – threat to farming land in NSW

Dear Mr Scully, I am the former head of Agriculture and Natural Resource and Chief Economist of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, now Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Science. I have spent over 20 years working on the issues facing Australian f [...]

1209, 2023

Agritourism submission – farmer concerns

Dear Mr Scully,   I am writing to express my support for the member for Kiama Gareth Wards private members bill concerning changes to the current Agritourism Policy.   I am  third generation Dairy Farmer from Berry on the NSW South Coast. I have two sons who work with me and an employee. My sons are [...]

1408, 2023

Agritourism Bill – Key Issues & Amendments

Key Issues Agritourism activities can be divided into two categories: Low impact – produce tastings, cooking classes, food/wine trails, farm tours, farm stays, farmers markets, farm field days, horse riding, self-picking and farm gate sales. These genuine farm-related activities are supported. High [...]

1408, 2023

Gareth Ward Agritourism Bill Media Release

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has released a draft Private Members Bill on agritourism following community concerns about the adverse impacts of deregulated practices on farming properties and rural communities. “Properly regulated, agritourism can be a real boost for farmers, tourism, jobs and the l [...]

2407, 2023

Boongaree parking – Letter to CEO 11 July 2023

To: The CEO and All Councillors. Over the last 12 months, Council has disregarded the draft Community Engagement Strategy (CES) goals, objectives, and engagement values in its dealings with the Berry community regarding the parking problems at Boongaree and the attempted imposition of an inappropria [...]

2106, 2023

Pedestrian Facility Improvements – Queen St, Berry

CL23.201   Pedestrian Facility Improvements - Queen Street, Berry Recommendation That 1.    After extensive consultation on the proposed Pedestrian Facility Improvements at Queen Street, Berry as per Plan No D21/420628 (Option 2), Council adopts the following amended position and presents this to Tf [...]

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