Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 29 May 2023 8.30am at the Uniting Church

Present: Ian Hendry (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Mary Beare, Gail Paton, Judith Ball,
Laurie Watson, Heather Macdonald, David Brawn and Robyn Baxendale
Apologies: David Carter and Emanuele Rattazzi

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 8 May 2023. APPROVED
Actions arising from the Minutes –

  • Proposed service station status – Stuart contacted James Ruprai for update.
  • Compliance at Mt Hay Rd – Stuart has not yet contacted the Mayor.
  • Edward St bridge status – to be followed up when pedestrian crossings issue resolved.
  • Berry Preschool Telstra receiver – Stuart has not received a response from preschool principal

Planning & Development

  • Agritourism changes to SEPP and the SLEP – Gareth has put a notice to Parliament of a bill revising present wording in SEPP and SLEP. Stuart is assisting Gareth with rewording.
  • Proposed service station status – awaiting imminent outcome of Council legal opinion.
  • Council Strategic Planning prioritization meeting – TVA, DCP and HCA proposals
  • 23 Parker Crescent – multi dwelling DA, 3x 4-bdroom, 2-storey townhouses. The Committee agreed to help residents with the process.
  • Equine Facilities – 119 Bong Bong Rd – for noting.
  • Police station fence heritage issues – Judith informed Council of non-compliant new fence at the police station and that any work on heritage buildings needs to be discussed with council. The Historical Society is trying to find who is responsible for maintenance of police stations. ACTION: Stuart to email Jenna Tague re HS concerns

Infrastructure & Facilities
Proposed pedestrian crossings in Queen St – letter sent to Paul Keech

Forum meeting agenda for 8 June
Service station update
Pedestrian crossings
PAMP -Footpaths and cycle paths

Other Business
Draft DPOP on Public Exhibition
Combined CCBs response to Council re Public liability, Guidelines
Community Garden on Woodhill – Property was for sale and Community Garden was closed. Now that the property has been taken off the market, is there community interest to re-establish this garden? John Brentnall of the Uniting Church may want to speak at the Forum meeting.

Meeting Closed: 9:40am

Next Committee meeting – 26 June
Apologies: Mary Beare, Heather Macdonald and David Carter
Next Forum meeting – 8 June at the UC Hall 7:30pm