Minutes of the Berry Forum Meeting

Held on 12 October 2017 7:30pm at the School of Arts, Berry
Present: 89 attendees, including Clrs. Patricia White & Joanna Gash. Apologies : Clr John Wells

Welcome and Introduction (David Carter)
Minutes from meeting held 14th Aug 2017 – Approved

Berry Bypass Update (Ryan Whiddon RMS)
Ryan gave a presentation on final traffic impacts associated with laying of the asphalt surface.
Residents expressed serious concerns about dangers associated with turning right at Croziers Rd.

Planning Proposal to rezone land south of Hitchcocks Lane (Stuart Coughlan)

  • The Forum’s involvement had been misrepresented in the Proposal.
  • The ‘Subject Land’ area varies in the Proposal. The southern boundary does not align with the Growth Management Strategy area designated as Long Term Investigation (LTI).
  • Council will decide if the Proposal should enter the Dept. of Planning’s Gateway process.

There was agreement that the Forum should oppose the Proposal on the following grounds –

  • The only land that can be considered for rezoning is the LTI area and any ‘shortage’ of land for development should be viewed in the context of the Moss Vale Rd land release.
  • There are potentially serious safety issues with an overall development containing 400 homes (incl. Huntingdale Park Estate) with only one entry/exit road.
  • Rezoning of rural land should not be considered until the HPE development is completed and its full impact on Berry’s infrastructure is understood.

 DA for Bangalee Motel Expansion (Stuart Coughlan)

  • Council has been asked to hold a community meeting once it has received the Heritage Assessment and other reports it has requested.
  • In response to concerns expressed by the Forum that the northern entrance to the town must be in keeping with the heritage nature of Berry and welcoming to visitors, Council responded – Like the Forum, we also value the significance of gateway sites and this will be a critical element in our assessment.”
  • A photomontage, included in a resident’s submission, was shown to illustrate the potential scale impacts of the additional buildings in the proposed development.

Selection of site for additional public toilets in Berry (Laurie Watson)
The site selection process and the Forum’s involvement were explained. Several residents expressed their views on the four potential sites and a lively, but cordial discussion ensued.
Those present then recorded their order of preference for the four options on voting slips, with the results to be advised by email and posted on the website.

General Business (Stuart Coughlan)
Town Centre – potential pedestrian safety measures are being discussed with Council
Edward St. timber bridge – it was agreed that it should be replaced with a concrete culvert.
Council Rates – Council’s proposal for future rate increases was explained.


  • The Chairman’s & Treasurer’s Reports were confirmed (available on the Forum website)
  • The Committee membership for 2017/18 was endorsed.
  • Two minor amendments to the Constitution were supported, subject to checking required notice.*

Next Forum meeting on 14 December will commence at 7pm with Xmas Drinks

*  The notice period for amendments to the Constitution was subsequently confirmed as 4 weeks. They will now be put to a Special General Meeting to be held on 14 December.