Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on Nov 13 2017 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Mary Beare, Marilyn Kellett, Margot Claringbold, John Cullity, David Brawn, Laurie Watson, Garry Broadbridge
Apologies: Gail Paton, John Underwood and James Robinson

Minutes of the Meeting held 23 October: Approved; no actions arising.

Role of Strategic Plan Focus Areas

  • It was agreed that we should review the role of the Focus Area Review Groups that were established following completion of the Berry Strategic Plan twelve months ago.
  • The District Park Review Group was successful, and disbanded after achieving its goals.
  • The other three review groups have had many enthusiastic discussions and considered many issues, but have found the need to always work through Council and the lack of funds for direct action to be very frustrating.
  • The experience has been valuable for all those involved, but it’s now time to consider whether the ongoing model of three review groups with a general scope is appropriate.
  • The Lake Conjola CCB has spoken about its success with forming working groups to tackle single issues on a short-term basis

Action: Stuart to get more information

  • The need for ongoing coordination of the three focus areas is essential and responsibility for each area will continue to be held by members of the Forum Committee.
  • We will now investigate different governance models, including the forming of working groups to act on priorities agreed by the Forum.
  • We will also investigate the possibility of approaching other incorporated groups in Berry that may be able to assist with funding of selected projects, or obtaining grants.
  • Direct contact with Council will be restricted to avoid confusion.

Other Focus Area matters

  • Each Review Group Coordinator will compile a list of potential projects for prioritization and consideration of funding sources.
  • John U and Stuart met with Tom Dimic, Assets Manager at Council and covered a range of issues. It was a constructive discussion, but there are no current plans for the Berry CBD.
  • The only short-term safety action is removal of the ‘No Right Turn’ sign at Prince Alfred St.
  • David B summarized the findings of the sustainable café survey. It will be posted on the website and featured in the Town Crier.

Planning & Development

  • Hitchcocks Lane Planning Proposal – will be voted on by councilors at the Development Committee meeting. Stuart will present the views expressed at the 12 October Forum.
  • Bangalee Motel – Stuart met with Phil Costello and will continue the dialogue.

Berry Trails
John Wells held a meeting with project reps and landowners to agree a communications protocol. He will present the output from the meeting at the next Forum.

Draft Agenda for 14 December Forum
Xmas drinks at 7pm
Planning Proposal – outcome of Development Committee
Bangalee Motel DA update
Berry Trails – communications protocol (John Wells)
Windsor Drive – Visual & noise impacts (Margaret Walsh)

Next Committee meeting – 4 December (apologies Marilyn & Mary)
Next Forum meetings – 14 December, 15 February