Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on May 14 2018 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, John Cullity, Garry Broadbridge, Gail Paton, Laurie Watson, Margot Claringbold, Marilyn Kellett, John Underwood and James Robinson
Apologies: David Brawn, Mary Beare.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 9 April: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes

  • Budget funding for Apex Park toilets replacement: Action: Stuart to ask Paul Keech
  • Footpath for Alexandra St – ACTION: Stuart to ask Paul Keech about Council part funding the footpath as part of the District Park development. Laurie to send letter to BCAC requesting part funding.

Draft Agenda for June 14 Forum meeting

  • Correspondence and confirm Minutes
  • Presentation on RePower Shoalhaven (Solar) – Peter Crick
  • Presentation on Station Master’s residence – Annette Frohling
  • Bangalee Motel DA discussion

Advise attendees that they may wish to leave before presentation on Huntindale proposal

  • Huntingdale S96 application presentation – if lodged

Planning & Development

  • Bangalee Motel – called up to Development Committee. We will advise residents that they can email their views to councillors for the Dev Com meeting.
  • S96 Amendment for Huntingdale Park. To be lodged around end-May. We will request Pindan provide their presentation well before the meeting, and ask Council staff to attend to describe the process for residents to communicate their views.
  • Station Master’s Residence – community support is being sought for the building to be retained and possible uses explored. 

Strategic Plan Focus Areas
Sustainability – The development of a solar farm on council property at the Callala Bay REMS site is unlikely to proceed due to financial constraints. 

We have requested details from Council of how many CCBs are incorporated and asked Council for incorporation to be added to the agenda for the next CCB meeting.
Action: Garry to investigate the possibility of the Committee being the members of the incorporated body. 

Council Matters
John C and Stuart will attend the CCB meeting at Ulladulla, 24 May 11am to 3pm 

Other Business

  • Equestrian Centre – Action: Stuart to request a status on progress from Council.
  • Noticeboard – we are concerned that there would be no room on the IGA notice board for community notices. Action: James to advise Anthony Houghton.
  • District Park – Action: James to provide a status at the next Committee meeting.

Next meeting –4 June
Next Forum – 14 June, 16 August