Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 26 October 2020 at 8.30am at Uniting Church

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, David Brawn, Heather Macdonald, Mary Beare, Garry Broadbridge, James Robinson, Laurie Watson, John Underwood
Apologies: Geoff Armstrong, John Cullity and Gail Paton

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 28 September 2020: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development

  • 55 Wire Lane Planning Proposal – Independent Planning Commission rejected appeal.
  • New Strategic Planning Working Group – We have advised our two priorities for the first meeting next week.
  • Tourist resort DA for 275 Bong Bong Rd – staff are ignoring their own advice in not characterizing the specific land use as Farm stay under the group term ‘tourist & visitor accommodation. As such, it would need to meet the secondary business requirement.
  • Primitive Glamping DAs –Woollamia recission motion will be voted on at the Council meeting. Stuart has informed councilors that the DA does not comply with LEP or Regulation.
  • 599 Coolangatta Rd has been advertising for unauthorized function centre.  Conversion of old dwelling to tourist accommodation – unauthorised work has resulted in Council issuing a stop work order. Neighbours will monitor for further developments.
  • Minimum Lot sizes: dual occupancies and complying development discussion –John, James and Stuart will meet with Jenna Tague.
  • Hitchcocks Lane Planning Proposal – status, going on public exhibition this week.
  • 510 Beach Rd Planning Proposal – number of lots. We been contacted by residents requesting update as to process and what is happening. 

Infrastructure & Facilities:

  • Edward St bridge – Pending budget
  • KV footpath – reallocate budget
  • Boongaree toilets – John U will attend meeting between staff and local residents. Forum has not had any involvement for 2 years. Confusion re finding information on Council’s website.
  • Queen Street crossings – Public crossing, going ahead but has not gone through Traffic Committee. Still in planning process. No timeline yet.
  • Caravan Park – Council has decided to make the the showground a proper functioning caravan park. Action Laurie. Write to council for clarification.


  • Shoalhaven Solar Farm: Discussions are continuing.
  • Tree plantings: Berry Land Care has planted 500 tub stock trees with help from 17 students from University along Coolangatta/Moeyan Hill Roads last week. Ongoing discussions between Rotary and Land Care to plant mass trees to commemorate 100 years of Rotary in Australia. David is co-ordinating the project. Needs land for project to go ahead
  • Congratulations to David B on appointment to Northern Flood plain Committee by Council. 

Other Business

  • AGM postponed indefinitely. There was only one application for the vacancy on the Forum Committee, Action: Stuart to advise Ian Hendry welcoming him to the Committee.
  • Request Gareth Ward to attend Committee meeting. Action: Stuart to send invitation

Meeting Closed: 10:40
Next Committee meetings – 16 November, Dec 14