Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the Uniting Church on Monday 30th January 2017 at 10.15am. 

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Laurie Watson, Bill Rice, John Underwood, David Brawn, Dorothy Hanbridge, Mary Beare, Marilyn Kellett, Hania Norman
Apologies: John Cullity, James Robinson & Margot Claringbold

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held 19 December: Approved
Actions arising from the minutes

  • John C and David B met with Derek J who recommended that a non-profit org be set up for the project with a General Manager overseeing the work.
  • John Wells confirmed that there is funding for the Berry District Park, but recommended checking with Council staff.
  • James to contact Locale about assisting with project (pending)

Berry District Park
DPRG status-Pending
Noted that work on the shared pathway has not yet commenced

Strategic Plan Focus Areas
TORs – The TORs for the review groups were ratified. We will need to ensure that we have good representation across key interest areas.

TCRG –We have more nominations than required for the review group and will need to decide on the best blend of skills and experience.

IFRG -The Group is working well.

SRG – A good breadth of representation. When the group met it was decided that each member would investigate one of the interest areas as part of a fact-finding mission.

All Groups will need to develop relationships with the relevant Council personnel to seek support/lobby for particular interests.

The Coordinators of the Review Groups will develop guidelines for a framework within which they will operate.

Council Rates Proposal

  • Extra-ordinary meeting on Wednesday of Council to agree rates increase proposal
  • Greg Watson has called a meeting in Berry to oppose a rates increase
  • A number of CCB reps have challenged Council’s justification for the large increase
  • We have asked Council to investigate tourist facility rates exemption

Planning & Development

  • We have asked for a meeting with the new Planning Minister Anthony Roberts
  • We have requested a meeting with the RFS Commissioner to discuss lack of accountability for confirming safety permit information submitted
  • Patricia White has indicated that Council will look at making the escarpment a scenic protection zone, and removing from the LEP the clause allowing sub-divisions for tourist cabins.
  • The L&E Court appeal hearing for Rockfield Park commences 20 March

Preview of Forum meeting on 9 February

– Fulton Hogan update (Shannon)

– Rockfield Park (Ian Goss)

– Council Rates Proposal (Stuart)

– District Park status (James)

– Focus Area Review Groups status (David C)

– Boomerang Bags –borrow & bring back (Elizabeth)

– Recycling & Waste facilities update (Council staff)

Other Business

  • Agars Lane sealing 6 Feb to 6 March
  • Brogers Creek water hole issue – Council has received a letter from a resident complaining about extreme tourist activity during the holiday period.
  • SofA – Council has removed the large kitchen window, Heritage concerns?
  • Financial Report presented
  • Letter Drop from Sudmalis re visit 15 March

Next Committee meetings – suggest 20 Feb, 13 March, 10 April.

Next Forum dates – 9 Feb at the Pavilion, 27 April at the SofA

Meeting closed 12:10pm.