Council has received a total of 356 submissions, of which 315 were objections to the proposed development.Of the 41 submissions in support of the development, only 10 were from Berry residents. The majority were from Sydney residents responding to the Feros Group request for support. The highest number of individual submissions received by Council previously was 220 for the initial assessment of the Rockfield Park proposed development.The vast majority of the objections were supportive of a redevelopment of the Hotel, but major concerns were raised with the proposed changes.Almost every objection was very critical of the the three-storey modern and bulky accommodation building in Princess St, (with a rooftop pool and bar and non-compliant height of 9.3m) that overwhelms a streetscape characterised predominantly by single storey dwellings and the heritage listed St Lukes Church directly opposite.

Other major concerns raised were –

  • the contemporary style pavilion extending  across the driveway with a separation of just 1.2m to the former CBC Bank
  • the grossly inadequate parking provision
  • noise from rubbish removal and delivery trucks,
  • the need to retain the Queen St entrance for access
  • the risks to pedestrians in Princess St