Present: Geoff Murray Secretary (Chairman), Stuart Coughlan (Secretary), Dorothy Hanbridge, Hania Norman, Bill Rice, Noel Marshall, Laurie Watson, , David Carter, Marilyn Kellett , Craig Hollway, Mary Beare, James Robinson, Margot Claringbold

Discussion with Derek Jorgensen (VP of Berry Chamber of Commerce)
Berry Trails Project.
Purpose: To provide pedestrian and bicycle pathways through both public and private land to attract tourists to Berry post-Bypass. Similar to the Queenstown model, it would connect Berry with its neighbours – Shoalhaven Heads, Gerringong, Gerroa, Foxground, Broughton Vale.

The project would use rail corridors where land is already available, and sections of National Park connected to public and private land. Excess material from the Bypass construction would be used to build pathways.

Both RMS and Fulton Hogan have indicated they would assist with providing land and material for the pathways.

Recommended that the proposal be presented at a future Forum meeting with a map on screen. Affected residents should be approached beforehand and a set of issues compiled for discussion. A joint sub-committee from the Chamber, Rotary and the Forum was thought to be appropriate.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 3 August
The minutes were agreed and approved. Matters arising from the minutes:
– The Forum will not acquire a PO Box at this stage and a bank account will be opened after the AGM.
– Craig will now take on responsibility for the Notice Board

Berry District Park Draft Master Plan
     Action: Geoff to circulate plan. Stuart to ask James Harris to address Forum meeting.

AGM on 10 September

  • Jessica Rippon’s comments on election of Officers were discussed.
  • If there are more than thirteen nominations there will be a ballot to elect the Committee at the AGM.
  • The AGM will commence and the ballot will be held. The AGM will then be suspended whilst votes are counted, and the general meeting will proceed. The AGM will then be reconvened to announce the result of the voting.
  • A Committee meeting will be held after the AGM to elect office bearers.
  • Nominations for the Committee and seconders will be accepted by email. Nominees will give a thirty second address at the AGM prior to the ballot.

     Action: Stuart to email Forum members with a reminder about nominations.

Strategic Master Plan

  • James and Stuart met with Jessica Rippon to discuss Council’s approach to strategic planning.
  • The major benefit comes from developing a set of priorities which Council can refer to when deciding how funding will be allocated.
  • Council has a preference for engaging Locale Consulting, but we are able to propose alternatives. We need to identify any Berry residents with expertise.
  • The scope for Berry will be more complex than that for Shoalhaven Heads.

     Action: Set up a sub-committee after AGM elections to develop the SMP.

– Council response from Jessica Rippon generally reflects the Committee’s thinking.
– The draft Constitution will be presented at the Forum meeting for endorsement

– The website has now been customised to run on mobile devices.
     Action: Stuart to place Committee minutes on website.

Major DAs update
– Mount Hay: Residents’ Meeting will be held on 31 August in Nowra.
     Action: Stuart to circulate School of Arts DA content.

Other business

  • The Chairman advised he would not be able to attend the AGM on 10 September. For the purpose of conducting the AGM, David Carter was nominated for the role of vice-chairman, and elected, there being no other nominations. The position will be subject to re-appointment following the AGM.
  • Bypass traffic issues – Woodhill Mtn Rd junction with the Highway is being widened to allow steel girders to be delivered.
  • General Forum meetings to be moved to Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June, Aug,

Next Committee Meeting
Monday 31 August at 10.15am at the School of Arts.

Meeting Closed 12:15pm