Draft Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Monday 8 Apr 2024  8.15am at the Uniting Church

Present: Ian Hendry (Chair), Stuart Coughlan (Secretary), Peter Saul, Robyn Baxendale, Judith Ball, David Brawn, John Jeston, Gail Paton and Mary Beare
Apologies: Emanuele Rattazzi, Laurie Watson and Cassandra Harris

Minutes of Meeting held on 26 Feb. Approved.  Actions arising from Minutes: None

Berry Hotel RA23/1002 major redevelopment

  • Need to organise photos and video of car parking and accommodation concerns for lawyer.
  • Action: Mary to contact Richard Miller to take photos.

CCB meetings and Council rates proposal

  • The CEO met with five CCB reps on 7 March. Communication concerns were discussed.
  • Presentations were made to 28 reps from 16 CCBs on 13 March by six speakers.
  • 15 CCBs supported a proposal to the CEO to establish a Finance Advisory Committee,

SCC Community Engagement Framework
Residents can contribute to the development of the Framework by telling Council how they want to be informed and consulted on future projects and initiatives. Survey for residents finishes 15 May (online link was included in 27 March Newsletter).

Berry DCP
Awaiting next stage of community engagement activity.

Proposed Local Character Planning Proposal
Milton and Kangaroo Valley are included for heritage investigations, but not Berry.

23 Parker Crescent DA
Oral submission made on behalf of the Forum at a conciliation conference on 28 March.

Communications to attract younger residents
The pros & cons of asking people in the community for suggestions and streaming Forum meetings to play back later were discussed.

Action: John to approach young man at The Garden to discuss how managing Facebook.

Other Business

  • Action: John to ask Jelle if he received the Forum Committee’s Ignite responses
  • Land clearing of rainforest to make second entrance to DB hospital.
  • The email sent to Committee members by Philip Thorniley on 18 March was tabled and discussed. It was unanimously agreed that there was no substance to his claims, and that it was time to move on. There will be no further communications on this matter.
  • David Brawn confirmed he intends to continue as a community rep on the SCC’s Northern Flood Plain Management Committee and will report on developments from time to time.

Meeting Closed 9:40am
Next Committee meeting – 29 April 8:15am    Next Forum meeting – 6 June