Draft Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 3 July 2023 8.30am at the Uniting Church

Present: Stuart Coughlan, Gail Paton, Judith Ball, Heather Macdonald, David Brawn and Robyn Baxendale
Apologies: David Carter, Emanuele Rattazzi, Ian Hendry, Mary Beare, Laurie Watson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 29 May 2023. APPROVED
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Forum Meeting 8 June
Clr Norris’ claim that the meeting was hostile has been disparaged by residents.
Presentations and questions will need to be more tightly controlled in future.

Planning & Development

  • Agritourism changes to SEPP and the SLEP – awaiting Gareth Ward’s reading of his Bill to Parliament.
  • Proposed service station status – awaiting communication from Council.
  • Council Strategic Planning prioritization meeting – Stuart has sent request for action to CEO and Mayor.
  • 23 Parker Crescent – the Committee is helping with requesting submissions.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Proposed pedestrian crossings in Queen St – it is now clear that Council’s proposal did not meet the criteria for a Local Area Traffic Management plan. We are awaiting a response from Council. Concerns raised by Philip Thorniley were discussed. Stuart to explain the Committee’s position to Philip.
  • School crossing in Victoria St – we do not believe this is a Forum issue. Four property owners have justifiably complained about the all-night floodlighting, which Council had failed to inform them about and should be removed.

Other Business
The Beach Road speed limit will be reduced to 80km/h on 1 August.

Meeting Closed: 10am

Next Committee meeting – 7 August
Next Forum meeting – 14 September at the UC Hall 7:30pm