Draft Shoalhaven Growth Management Strategy (GMS)

//Draft Shoalhaven Growth Management Strategy (GMS)

Draft Shoalhaven Growth Management Strategy (GMS)

Draft GMS  (see Discussion Paper)
Council is currently seeking community feedback on the discussion paper via this survey. The GMS will set the strategic direction for Shoalhaven for the next 20 years and recommend planning changes and other actions to be specifically investigated or considered. It will help determine:

  • How and where new housing is provided;
  • How best to protect Shoalhaven’s environmentally or culturally sensitive land from inappropriate development;
  • How best to adapt to a changing environment;
  • How best to improve the health, lifestyles and prosperity of all of Shoalhaven’s existing and future residents; and
  • Priorities for infrastructure renewal and business investment.

As part of the survey, Council is asking which of the following four Growth Options you would prefer (see details here) –

  1. Modified GMS Version 1
  2. Northern Centric
  3. Growth Centres
  4. Consolidate Growth

Character Assessment Report (see Draft)
Local character and identity is particularly important for shaping distinctive neighbourhoods and invoking a sense of community. Council, together with the NSW State Government, engaged RobertsDay Consultants to prepare character assessments that help identify the existing and desired future character for the majority of Shoalhaven’s existing settlements.

These character assessments form an integral part of informing the GMS process and, once finalised, will be used to inform the preparation of the LSPS for Shoalhaven, and could be used to inform locality specific considerations for development, such as LEP or DCP controls.

Council is currently seeking comments on the Character Assessment Report which can be provided via this feedback form.

Want to Know More?
Community Information Sessions provide the opportunity to discuss the Growth Management Strategy face-to-face with Council staff. A drop-in style session will be held from 3.30pm to 6.30pm at the Berry School of Arts on Thursday 29 November.

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