Council has asked – “We want your feedback on our first ever LSPS. Shoalhaven 2040 identifies the land-use planning work Council needs to do to understand and meet the communities’ needs over the next 20-years. It anticipates how the City might change and outlines the work required to manage development and the delivery of infrastructure and services.
It addresses a broad range of topics, including:

·        The number, type, and location of new homes.

·        Provision of infrastructure and services.

·        Job creation and economic growth.

·        Protecting and adapting to our environment.

·        Enhancing our heritage, landscapes, and neighbourhoods.”

The draft document is on public exhibition until 31 July. Please visit:

The Forum Committee believes it is very important that as a community we inform Council of our views on the key issues and how we want them to be addressed.

The Draft document is very large and the Committee has selected extracts that we believe are pertinent to the Berry community >>Shoalhaven 2040 extracts