Minutes Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the School of Arts on Monday 12th October 2015 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Noel Marshall, Stuart Coughlan, Laurie Watson, Bill Rice, Margot Claringbold, James Robinson, John Cullity, John Underwood, Dorothy Hanbridge, Hania Norman, Marilyn Kellett
Apologies: Mary Beare

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 28 September

Minutes of the Forum Meeting held on 8 October

Matters arising from the minutes
John Cullity to continue investigating venues for meetings of Forum and Committee during January to June 2016 – Options include Courthouse, Uniting Church and Showground

Forum meeting protocols

  • Agenda timing
  • Guest speakers to be given guidelines and time expectations
  • Time management of presentations (Margot to investigate options)
  • Consider providing time boundaries around Open Forum/ Q&A
  • Consider adding timing for items on Agenda
  • Forum meeting preparation responsibilities
  • Committee members to arrive 15-30 mins before meeting for set-up
  • Responsibilities: sound – Noel/David, laptop and projector – Laurie/Hania
  • Voting
  • Ensure specific question is put to vote
  • Pre-arrange who will conduct a vote (speaker or meeting chair)
  • Ensure we collect For and Against for each vote

Gerroa Rd Speed Limit Change
Stuart to confirm view of Forum with RMS (include Beach Rd intersection in 80kph zone)

Berry Strategic Plan

  • Review of Forum presentation
  • Agreed that the Forum presentations, though long, provided a comprehensive overview and expectations of the process and likely outcomes
  • Sub-committee formation and role
  • Agreed that the sub-committee should not be influenced, or perceived to be influenced, by any one group in the Berry community
  • The sub-committee will have eight members, including four from the Management Committee -James Robinson (Chair), Bill Rice, Dorothy Hanbridge and David Carter
  • The other four positions should represent the breadth of the community, including the Chamber, Rotary, Garden Club and ‘old’ Berry


  • Sub-committee to develop proposed roles and process, and present to Forum Committee at future meeting
  • Berry Amenities – carried over to the next Committee meeting
  • Other Business – Interaction with Council Staff to be discussed at next meeting
  • Date of Next Committee Meeting – Monday 26 October at 10.15am