Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on October 23 2017 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, John Underwood, Gail Paton,
Margot Claringbold, John Cullity, David Brawn, Laurie Watson, Garry Broadbridge
Apologies: Mary Beare, Marilyn Kellett, James Robinson

Minutes of the Meeting held 25 September: Approved

Review of Forum meeting on 12 October
The two proposed amendments to the Constitution will need to go to a Special General Meeting, which will be arranged to follow on from our next Forum meeting on 14 December. (The AGM to be held before end October and 14 days notice to be given of a request for a vote at a Forum meeting).

Berry District Park
Update on progress with Detailed Design is required.
Action: Stuart to request from Council.

Town Centre

  • John U. will take on the role of coordinator
  • Stuart discussed short-term pedestrian safety ideas at Traffic Committee and at this stage the only viable option is removal of the ‘No Right Turn’ sign at Prince Alfred St.
  • John and Stuart will meet with Tom Dimic at Council to discuss beautification ideas for the town centre and the northern entry to the town.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Laurie and John U. will meet with Brad Davis at Council to discuss the upgrade of the Apex Park toilet facility.
  • Prior to the meeting we need to determine requirements and scope of the works required
  • Council has budgeted for 3 new kerb ramps and potential sites are being reviewed


  • David will prepare a revised Terms of Reference for consideration by the Committee
  • 23 residents accepted the Council invitation to tour the recycling and waste facilities
  • The café survey is close to completion. David will prepare a summary of the findings.

Berry Trails Project
John Wells has chaired a meeting between landowners and the Trails Project and obtained agreement that a communications protocol will be developed and issued. John has offered to present at the next Forum meeting.

Council Matters
The proposed location for the City of Shoalhaven sign was agreed.
The value of CCB Reps attending the tourism workshop was questioned.

Other Business

  • Windsor Drive residents will be invited to speak at the next Forum about their issues with noise and visual impact resulting from the raising of Queen Street.
  • Croziers Road residents will be invited to speak about the increased dangers associated with turning right off the Highway.

Next Committee meeting – 13 November
Next Forum meeting and SGM – 14 December (7pm for drinks & nibbles)

Meeting closed 12:15 pm