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109, 2020

Primitive Glamping ?

In response to concerns raised by a large number of residents, the Committee has written to Council about the misuse of the description ‘primitive camping ground’ to obtain approval for luxury ‘glamping’ sites. Our research shows that three very similar applications have been made in Berry, Woollami [...]

408, 2020

Proposed Rezoning of 55 Wire Lane (Beach Rd)

The Department of Planning has advised that the applicant has lodged a Gateway review application. This means that the Gateway determination to refuse the Planning Proposal will now be reviewed and considered by the NSW Independent Planning Commission. [...]

2907, 2020

Shoalhaven 2040 – Forum Committee’s Submission

Key Issues Raised in the Forum Committee's Submission In April, Council dismissed feedback submitted by the Berry community on tourist development impacts as "not necessarily reflecting the views of the broader Shoalhaven". We are now providing Council with evidence that 90% of the development appli [...]

1507, 2020

L’Etape Australia by Tour de France

On Saturday 28 November 2020, Council will host the 5th edition of L’Étape Australia cycling event. L’Étape Australia is the only Tour de France event in Australia and the biggest one outside France. It provides amateur cyclists with the closest experience to riding in the Tour de France as they can [...]

1507, 2020

Shoalhaven 2040 – Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

Council has asked - "We want your feedback on our first ever LSPS. Shoalhaven 2040 identifies the land-use planning work Council needs to do to understand and meet the communities’ needs over the next 20-years. It anticipates how the City might change and outlines the work required to manage develop [...]

2105, 2020

Submission re Planning Proposal – Review of LEP Subdivision Provisions

The Planning Proposal A key component of the Proposal is the setting of minimum ‘parent’ (original) lot sizes for land proposed for dual occupancy or multi dwelling development – Dual occupancy in zones R1&R2 (as SDCP) - 500 sqm (attached) and 700 sqm (detached) Multi-dwelling housing in zones R [...]

1505, 2020

Submission re RA20/1000 – Subdivision Proposed for 510 Beach Rd

As part of the justification for this Proposal, the adjoining subdivision Campbell’s Run was used as a comparator. The design of the current version of the Proposal should therefore be assessed by comparing it with Campbell’s Run. What emerges from that comparison however, is not similarities, but a [...]

1005, 2020

Planning Proposal – Changes to Subdivision Provisions

Background Planning legislation around subdivisions, dual occupancies and multi-dwelling development is complex. Forum Committee members have discussed the content of this Proposal with Council Planning staff and have attempted here to simplify and explain the proposed changes and their impacts. Wit [...]

605, 2020

Council Dismiss Complaint Made Against the Forum

From David Carter, Forum Chairman At the Forum meeting on 12 December 2019 I referred to “Letters received from a lawyer re Mananga building works” and advised that we would provide further information at the appropriate time. I can now let you know the content of the letters, the complaints made ag [...]

1104, 2020

510 Beach Road Subdivision Update

This site is located between the Campbells Run and Coomonderry Ridge sub-divisions. Council have advised the application and plans will be placed on Public Exhibition from 15 April to 15 May. Some information is currently available on Councils DA Tracking website under reference RA20/1000. The Devel [...]

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