Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the Uniting Church on Monday 13th March 2017 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Laurie Watson, James Robinson, Dorothy Hanbridge, Marilyn Kellett, Margot Claringbold, Bill Rice, David Brawn, Mary Beare, Hania Norman Apologies: John Cullity, John Underwood

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 20 February: Approved 

Berry District Park

  • The DPRG is meeting fortnightly; Cath Philpott has replaced Fiona Piggott; Bonnie Hittmann and Liliana Hutchinson from Council have replaced Kate Ryan.
  • The time line for the development plan has been established as 6 months.
  • A workshop will be held on 4 April for all twenty stakeholders to discuss priorities and gain consensus as to use of the land in BDP. RMS will provide a survey of the land and Council will provide information advice. Review Group Coordinators are invited. The objective of the workshop is to decide on two options to take back to the community.
  • Meeting with sporting groups at the Park and a ‘strategic plan’ event to gather the broader community views are two possibilities for getting community input.

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

Town Centre Review Group (TCRG)

  • Three meetings have been held and the objectives of the review group are evolving. The TCRG membership is a good representation of the town population.
  • It was agreed that the TC geographically would be considered to be the area bounded by Albert St, Prince Alfred St, Princess St. and Albany St.
  • A number of cross overs with the coverage of the IFRG and DPRG are evident. There is a need to interface with the DPRG for projects such as toilets and parking.
  • Council support may be available via Bonnie and Liliana.

Infrastructure & Facilities Review Group (IFRG)

  • There are numerous plans available that define the boundaries of Berry Village.. There is a need to define a common plan when holding discussions regarding terms with Council.
  • There is a need to develop a master plan for trees across the town and to discuss a tree planting strategy with Council. There is money in this year’s budget for tree planting.
  • A plan for paths, crossings and parking will have overlaps with Town Centre and District Park.
  • A listing of ownership of property in Town Centre to be shared with the TCRG
  • Council have advised that no kerb ramps will be allocated to Berry this financial year

Sustainability Review Group (SRG)

  • Two Committee members have resigned (Elizabeth and Holly). Peter Crick will be joining.
  • A process of fact finding has been undertaken to better understand requirements
  • Implementation of the Container Deposit Scheme has been deferred to 1st
  • Council will not provide green bins due to cost. Composting will be encouraged.
  • The new listing in the Town Crier shows where you can recycle various items
  • Rental bikes for visitors; the Station and District Park are site options
  • Boomerang Bags is moving forward to launch in Berry
  • The Forum website will useful to post information eg Repower
  • A recharging point for electric cars would have potential of bringing visitors into Berry.
  • Community engagement via a web-based survey is being considered 

Council News

  • David C and Stuart met with the new Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts and Gareth Ward to stress the need to address the LEP loophole regarding tourist & visitor accommodation.
  • Council have asked for a Forum representative to attend an Indian Myna Bird Workshop on Tuesday 18 April. Will Armitage from Landcare says it is an urban problem.
  • There is a Special Rates Variation Information Session on Monday 27 March 

Other Business

  • Berry Trails communications: David C and James to meet with Derek J
  • The Historical Society wish to issue a clarifying statement regarding their research services
  • Local Member’s visit –Laurie to ask about Federal Funding for the highway upgrade from Berry to Bomaderry. Gareth says the Federal Government is funding road works to the north, but not to the south.

Next Committee meeting –10 April

Next Forum meeting – 20 April at the SofA