Minutes Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the School of Arts on Monday 20th June 2016 at 10.15am.

Present: Stuart Coughlan (Chair) Margot Claringbold, Dorothy Hanbridge, Bill Rice, James Robinson, Hania Norman, Marilyn Kellett, Mary Beare, John Underwood
Apologies: David Carter, John Cullity and Laurie Watson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 30 May– Approved
Actions arising from the minutes – Bike racks- discussion deferred to next meeting.

Forum meeting held on 9 June
– Very good feedback has been received on the presentations and format of the meeting. Residents were able to put their views forward in a relaxed atmosphere.
– We need to have someone at the back of room to make speakers aware if they are not speaking into the microphone.

Strategic Plan
– Feedback on the Workshop held on 19 June was overwhelmingly positive.
– We will email members with a summary of the day and provide website access for those wanting to input their priorities. Most business owners and staff were unable to attend.
– Next steps – draft one page on how document works. Locale has proposed that seven persons, liaise with Council members/workers during development and progress of each of the seven themes.
Action: James to draft words about success of Sunday’s event and provide website material for casting votes on priorities.

LEP Loophole
– Gareth Ward has offered to set up a meeting with the Minister.
– We need to emphasise that the Forum is not anti-development, but has a role in protecting the integrity of the LEP and DCP. There is a lack of confidence in the Berry community in knowing what development might be allowed next.
– A letter has been sent to Council requesting an explanation for the poor defence mounted at the Mt Hay Land and Environment Court appeal.

Other Business

  • The Rockfield Park appeal to the L&E Court will go to a mediation meeting.
  • A link to Councils Recycling & Waste Facilities survey is on the website.
  • The Berry District Park Master Plan is going back on public exhibition. There are concerns about the Criterium cycle track. It was agreed that a sub-committee should be formed to coordinate the interests of a number of Berry community groups to present a united position to Council. Action: Bill to draft an email calling for expressions of interest/nominations
  • Update on kerb ramps: John Wells and Margot toured Berry to identify locations for ramps. Brad Davis from Council is assisting with identification and potential for funding.
  • An enquiry was made about utilization of the facilities at the Berry Sports & Rec. Action: Stuart and Mary to visit and talk to a representative.

Future meetings
– 11 July at 9.15am, 4 August at 10.15am.
– Next Forum meeting 11 August.

Meeting closed 11:50 am