Based on feedback from the community, there appears to be a number of issues concerning infrastructure planning that need addressing. These issues are exacerbated by the additional dwellings that will result if the Planning Proposal (for the area just south of HP) is approved, increasing the number of new homes to over 400, many with young children. The key issues are:

  1. Residents have expressed frustration at the perceived lack of open space for children to play, as the only area appears to be under the overhead power lines.
    – We propose that two lots in the overall development be allocated for play areas within walking distance of major groups of dwellings.  We also note that Boongaree (Berry District Park) is the key piece of infrastructure in Berry for delivering this amenity and must be prioritized by Council.
  1. Potential issues around the single exit road are a concern, especially if it is to be shared by the additional 140 dwellings in the Planning proposal.
    – We propose that fire risk procedures and congestion relief measures at peak hours be clarified by Council.
  1. The forest in the NW corner of the development is an area of ecological importance and was designated as a Public Reserve; it is not a pocket park.
    – We propose that the Public Reserve be retained and maintained by Council in conjunction with Berry Landcare, which has an excellent track record of working with Council to establish Park Care and Bushcare groups. There are eight groups around Berry and local residents have expressed a willingness to form such a group in this instance.