Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the School of Arts on Monday 19th December 2016 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Laurie Watson, Bill Rice, John Underwood, David Brawn, Dorothy Hanbridge, Mary Beare, John Cullity, James Robinson, Margot Claringbold
Apologies: Marilyn Kellett, Hania Norman

Minutes of Meeting held 28 November: Approved

Berry Trails Project
Discussion was held on how the Forum can support the project and what help Derek was receiving.
Action: John C and David B to meet with Derek to discuss process, project scope, stakeholders and project management. It was suggested that a small advert might be put in the Town Crier for a retired project manager to help with the project.

Berry District Park
The TOR have been agreed and sent to Council for approval.
The composition of the membership of the DPRG is being finalized.
The Adventure Playground area is now being described as Nature Play Parkland.
Berry Sports & Rec – Is there room for the sporting groups to use the facilities?
Action: Stuart to contact John Wells to check funding. James to contact Locale about potentially assisting with the project.

Strategic Plan Focus Areas
The Forum Committee will approve membership of the Focus Area Review Groups.
TORs for the Review Groups will be ratified at the next meeting.
It was agreed that Focus Area #4, Planning & Development, differed from the other areas in that it was more ongoing and reactive in nature. As requirements arise, a sub-set of the Forum Committee will address the issues.

Meeting Closed 12PM

Next Committee meeting – 30 January

Next Forum dates – 9 Feb at the Pavilion, 27 April at the SofA