The Proposal was tabled at Council’s Development Committee meeting on 14 November. Around 40 Berry residents attended and Stuart Coughlan made a deputation on behalf of the Forum covering the following points –

  • At the Forum meeting on 12 October attended by 86 residents, there was an overwhelming vote to reject the Proposal
  • The land area considered for rezoning should be restricted to that in the Growth Strategy.
  • Huntingdale will eventually contain around 280 dwellings and the Proposal will add 150. This means a total of 430 dwellings will be added to the existing town total of 480 (in the area bounded by North St, Pullman St, the railway and the Highway).
  • Rezoning should not be considered until the Huntingdale development is completed and its impact on Berry’s infrastructure is understood.
  • The southern gateway to Berry requires a vegetation buffer between Huntingdale and the Highway.
  • The average lot size should be significantly higher than the minimum of 500 m2.

Councillors voted 10 to 1 to support the Proposal, but did agree to restrict the area of land for rezoning. They also agreed that the community needed to be fully involved in the urban design following the outcome of studies on visual impact, infrastructure, traffic and other matters. The Committee will continue to press for the best outcome for the community.