Chairman’s Report 2017/18

Formed in June 2015, the Forum is the Community Consultative Body (CCB) representing the views of the Berry region to Shoalhaven City Council. The goal of the Forum is to provide the community with an informed capability to influence the future of the Berry region.

Forum Committee and Meetings
The average attendance at the six bi-monthly public meetings was 76 and the Committee has met regularly to discuss matters affecting the community. The two-way conduit with Council staff and councillors has developed and we aim to make more progress this year.

Princes Highway Upgrades
In August last year Fulton Hogan’s Project Director Michael Phillips-Ryder thanked the Berry community for its patience and understanding since the project commenced and expressed his gratitude to the Berry Forum for hosting Shannon’s regular presentations.

Michael left FH and having been contracted as Project Director for the Berry to Bomaderry upgrade, he is keen for the update presentations to recommence.

Boongaree (District Park)
Last year the District Park Review Group, established by the Forum and Council, developed a community endorsed revised Master Plan and Clr. John Wells obtained Council funding for the detailed design and engineering work necessary to make the site shovel ready and eligible for State Government grant applications.

Since then we have raised our concerns with Council about the limited progress that has been achieved, and offered our assistance in regaining momentum for the project.

Our regular email news updates now reach more than 1000 residents and important information and minutes of all meetings are posted regularly on the website.

Planning & Development
The Committee made submissions to Council, based on community feedback, on the following proposed developments –

  • Planning Proposal to rezone land south of Hitchcocks Lane
  • DA for Bangalee Motel expansion
  • Proposed changes to Stages 8&9 of the Huntingdale Park development


  • Following a request from Council, the Forum voted on the preferred site for new toilet facilities and selected an upgrade to the Apex Park facility as the number one preference.
  • The Forum was successful in lobbying Council to install three disabled/pram ramps to assist both residents and visitors to Berry
  • The BCAC and Council agreed to the Forum’s request to fund a footpath along Alexandra Street with kerb ramps installed at either end, to be constructed by a local contractor 

Success with right turn off Highway into Croziers Road
As a result of resident action and the Forum’s support, Gareth Ward was successful in lobbying the Minister and the requested safety measures were implemented.

Finally, on behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank all those members of the Berry community who have supported the Forum over the past year and who have provided that essential community comment and feedback on a range of matters that we have then consolidated and passed on to Council.
In the same vein I would like to personally thank the members of the Committee for their individual and tireless contributions to the working of the Forum, and for the positive and co-operative manner in which they have worked together.

David Carter
Chairman of The Berry Forum


Treasurer’s Report 2017/18

Balance at 1 July 2017              $832

Council donation                           500

Function donations                         89

Hall hire                                          -195

Meeting room hire                       -410

Website hosting                              -72

Balance at 30 June 2108          $744


Laurie Watson