Council recently put the amended Master Plan for Berry District Park back on exhibition and sought submissions from the community on the following changes –

  • Addition of a 950 metre Criterium cycling track.
  • Removal of long vehicle parking area on North Street.
  • Provision of more long vehicle parking in the off-street car parking area within the Park.
  • Provision of a toilet block at the off street car parking area within the Park.
  • Area for potential expansion of the proposed adventure playground north of the existing site.
  • Spacing fitness equipment stations along the walking path within the Park.
  • Proposed name change from Berry District Park

The Berry District Park Sub-Committee was formed on 8th August with members from the Committee of the Berry Forum, representatives of the Rotary Club of Berry, the Berry Chamber of Commerce, Berry Landcare, plus younger representatives of the community of Berry.

The Sub-Committee has considered the proposed changes and provided the following submission to Council on behalf of the Berry Forum >> District Park Submission