Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on April 9 2018 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, John Cullity, David Brawn, Garry Broadbridge, Gail Paton, Laurie Watson, Mary Beare, Margot Claringbold
Apologies: Marilyn Kellett, John Underwood and James Robinson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 19 March: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes

  • Budget funding for Apex Park toilets replacement: Ongoing
  • Footpath for Alexandra St – Margot advised that Ken Hutt estimated $9700 to construct a footpath. Kerbs and ramps would cost extra. ACTION: Stuart to ask Paul Keech about Council funding as part of the District Park development. Laurie to send letter to BCAC requesting part funding.

Draft Agenda for April 19 Forum meeting

  • Correspondence and confirm Minutes of February Forum.
  • Bangalee Motel DA discussion and questions – Phil Costello will attend to discuss Council’s assessment and take questions
  • Presentation on Landcare activities – Jim Jefferis
  • Presentation on NRMA EV Charging proposal – Amelia Starr. Funded by NRMA with the location to be decided (corner of Albany and Victoria St)

Planning & Development
S96 Amendment for Huntingdale Park – we will request a minimum of 6 weeks for submissions once the application is lodged

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

Infrastructure –
Geoff Armstrong to follow up on NBN for town centre.
Footpath for KV Rd – a raised walkway is being considered.
Endeavor Energy – tree pruning has left trees looking unsightly
Action: Laurie to take up with Kay at Council

Sustainability- three Sustainability initiatives are being progressed in the Shoalhaven:

  • A project commissioned by the Council to assess that the impact of an urban tree canopy in conjunction with UTS
  • The development of a 5MW solar farm on council property at the Callala Bay REMS site. It is estimated that this facility will meet 25% of Council’s energy needs
  • A project to establish a community solar farm on the Council’s North Nowra tip involving community members and other partners. 

Discussion on Incorporation with Trevor Barker

  • Trevor believes it would be hard to bring an ‘action’ against our committee. The 4 areas where law suits can be filed are negligence, nuisance, defamation, and breach of contract.
  • We need to investigate the cost of public liability insurance.
  • If incorporated, responsibilities would need to be minuted to give approval to act on the committee’s behalf.
  • We need to ask incorporated CCBs for their views, particularly with regard to membership, and ask Council to add incorporation to the agenda for the next CCB meeting. Action: Stuart to contact CCBs and Council.

Letters from Lawyer and Discussion with Mark Cornish
Mr Cornish’s comments were discussed briefly – no actions arising.
We will request that the lawyer does not correspond with the Committee any further.

Council Matters
Stuart has asked RMS to remove the weeds along the northern entrance to town.
Roundabout plantings – too early to consider due to maintenance issues. 

Chamber of Commerce Request
Anthony Houghton has proposed that the Chamber fund a new noticeboard and take over one side. The IGA noticeboard is full so there would be no place for public notices.
Action: Stuart to inform Chamber that our offer to share our space still stands and that the public notices must be provided with space.

Other Business
Margot attending Chamber meeting – our message is ‘Our door is always open’.

Next meeting –23 April (apologies – Laurie, David B, Gail & John C.)
Next Forum – 19 April, 14 June, 16 August ??