Minutes of the Berry Forum Meeting
Held April 19, 2018 7:30pm at the Berry School of Arts

Present: 57 people attended the meeting, including Clrs John Wells and Patricia White, and Director of Planning & Development, Phil Costello.

Welcome and Introduction (David Carter – Chairman)
Minutes of the meeting held on February 15 2018 were approved

• Another letter received from the Sydney law firm
• Email sent to Phil Costello re Bangalee Motel DA
• Emails to Pindan asking when Huntingdale amended proposal would be lodged
• Email to Council enquiring about review of CCB Guidelines
• Follow-up emails to RMS and Gareth Ward re Windsor Drive noise & visual impacts
• Email to Council re weed control along north entrance to town
• Request to RMS to correct speed limit sign at KV Rd from 60k to 50k
• SES have emailed offering to speak at a Forum meeting about their role

Bangalee Motel DA
Background information was presented that explained the historical significance of the area surrounding the Bangalee Motel site. Council has now received 78 submissions, all objecting to the revised application. Many residents felt that Council’s Heritage Assessment was flawed and had expressed concerns about the visual impact the development would have on the northern gateway to Berry.
Phil Costello (Director of Planning & Development) explained the DA assessment process and was willing to engage with the owner and residents to see if a better visual outcome could be achieved.

Berry Landcare projects and activities (Jim Jefferis, Chairman of Berry Landcare)
Jim presented a summary of projects and activities in the Berry Surrounds.
• Berry Landcare maintains 13 sites, including Princess St., Alexandra St., Camp Quality and Mark Radium Park, The Berry region has a unique environment that encompasses many different ecosystems from subtropical rainforests (Berry Hospital) to eucalyptus forests. Landcare has been given an area of Crown land to connect areas and provide corridors for native animals and plants.
• Working bees are held regularly in many areas, Tindalls Lane, Strongs Rd, Bong Bong Rd and Broughton Vale Rd. (Details in the Town Crier).
• Projects- Berry School Plant Propagation Unit has been going on for 20 years, collecting seeds, growing plants and replanting of tube stock.
• Worked with RMS & Fulton Hogan to help with landscaping of local specific environments (aqua spraying specific seeds), and establishing fauna crossings over the new highway. FH has responsibility for maintaince of landscaping for 2 years, before handing over to Council.
• Grant given to Berry Bushcare for a 6 year project to help build and maintain corridors for native animals. University student volunteers have participated in the project for the past two years.

Electric Vehicle Charging Proposal (Amelia Starr – NRMA)
Amelia presented on NRMA’s plans to spend $10 million creating Australia’s largest EV fast-charger network. It aims to connect key tourism routes to help drive business in local communities. Berry is seen as a key destination for enabling EV journeys and the preferred site is the parking area on the corner of Albany and Victoria Streets opposite the Showground.

Council Special Rate Variation (SRV)
Council is seeking IPART approval to retain the 13.2% SRV (approved as a one-off increase in 2017/18) as a permanent increase. Special variations are also being requested for the next three years – 5% in each year including the rate peg of 2.5%.

Meeting closed: 8:55pm