The application (DA21/1333) by Hotondo Homes proposes the construction of 3 double-storey, 4-bedroom dwellings forming a multi-dwelling housing development and a 3 lot strata title subdivision of the 1000 sqm lot at 23 Parker Crescent.

Another Hotondo application (DA19/1857) for a multi-dwelling development consisting of five dwellings on a 2000 sqm lot at 52 Parker Crescent is currently before the Land and Environment Court. Both applications propose strata subdivisions with individual lot sizes less than the minimum lot size shown on the lot size map. This is not permitted under Clause 4.1F of the SLEP. This issue has been raised with Council via independent legal advice and a precedent has been set by the Council’s Development Committee in refusal of DA19/1857 citing this clause.

Other issues with the 23 Parker Crescent development are severe negative impacts on the privacy and amenity of the neighbouring residences, and the bulk and scale are inconsistent with the surrounding built form.