Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 6 June 2022 8.30am at the Uniting Church

Present:  David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, David Brawn, Geoff Armstrong, Ian Hendry, Judith Ball, Robyn Baxendale Gail Paton, Emanuele Ratazzi and Laurie Watson.
Apologies: Heather Macdonald, Garry Broadbridge and Mary Beare.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 2 May 2022. Approved.
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development

  • 275 Bong Bong Rd – the amended DA is yet to be lodged.
  • 260 Mt Hay Rd Primitive Camping Refusal Review – will be considered at 27 June Council meeting
  • The TVA, DCP and HCA proposals will be prioritised at the upcoming Council Strategic Planning meeting.
  • The Historical Society will request that Council consider engagement of a full-time Heritage Contractor to undertake the refinement and advancement of both the HCA and the DCP.
  • We have asked Councillors Patricia White and Tonia Gray to propose a Notice of Motion to remove Clause 4.2A (subdivision for tourist development) from the SLEP, and reference to ‘tourist resorts’ from the SDCP.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Road repairs – Council work ongoing
  • Boongaree parking – Stuart and James Robinson met onsite with the CEO, the project manager Kathy Thomas and the operational manager Kevin Norwood.
  • Queen Street crossings – there is confusion over options and TfNSW approva. The Forum supports the Chamber’s preferred position.

Environment & Sustainability
David B updated the Committee about the Rotary Adopt-A-Tree initiative for environmentally impacted areas.

Forum Meeting 21 July

  • Recovery into Resilience Project – Council presentation
  • Future of David Berry Hospital
  • Berry RFS – new station not proceeding?

Other Business
Berry Community Strategic Plan Update – Pending

Meeting closed 10:05 am
Next Committee meeting – 4 July
Next Forum meeting – 21 July