Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 24 January 2022 8.30am at the Uniting Chur

Present:  Ian Hendry (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, David Brawn, Geoff Armstrong, Heather Macdonald, Laurie Watson, Mary Beare, Judith Ball and Robyn Baxendale.
By phone – David Carter, Emanuele Rattazzi.
Apologies: Gail Paton and Geoff Armstrong.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 13 December 2021 – Approved.
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

New Council
Stuart gave an overview of the new Council and it was agreed we would invite councillors to meetings.
The Development and Strategy & Assets Committees are being disbanded and there will now be two Ordinary meetings each month on a Monday at 5.30pm.
City Development: Phil Costello is retiring and being replaced by James Ruprai from Sunshine Coast.

Planning & Development
260 Mt Hay Rd Primitive Camping – Refusal Review
Stuart will contact councillors and explain background of this DA. Barker Ryan Stewart submission will be with Council by the end of the week.

Protecting Berry’s Character – Princess St HCA
The Committee unanimously endorsed the Heritage Assessment prepared by Judith and Catherine Barlow to go to Council. In response to the newsletter, 220 email responses have been received endorsing the proposed additional HCA.

A DCP for Berry like Milton’s is being worked on by Catherine and Judith.

Agritourism –
Farm Stay – under Exempt development, up to 20 campers are allowed at any one time in tents caravans or campervans.
Farm events – under Complying development a 200sqm new building can be constructed.
There is no definition of a hobby farm, the definition of a primary producer is unclear and there is no clarity on how the tax office definition will operate.
Action Stuart to contact Destination NSW to seek rationale for proposed requirements.

Tourist and visitor accommodation changes to LEP – need to explain background to new Council.
Action: Stuart to send to Councilors.

Infrastructure & Facilities  
Albany St footbridge has been rebuilt.

Boongaree long vehicle parking area – Defend Berry Heritage are concerned about the proposed site opposite Alexandra St. They are asking the Committee to get a view from the community.
Action: Stuart to propose to Liliana that Council initiate the same communications process as adopted for the dog FOLA site.

Environment & Sustainability

  • Dog off-leash area at Boongaree – community consultation process on website.
  • Land adjacent to Bowling Club – Landcare may have a grant to clear Madeira vine along the creek.
  • Roundabouts – Bob Croker at Garden Club is discussing with Council
  • Proposed footpath on north side of Victoria St Action: Following discussion with Jatish Council has agreed not to proceed.
  • David B updated the Committee on Boongaree –
  1. Bump track and revamp of skate park – in Plan and budget is available.
  2. Of note: The new Nature Play Park was designed to improve kids’ resilience and offer challenges to all ages.
  3. Boongaree opening was attended by Councillors, Indigenous elders and Gareth Ward.
  4. Raj and Sophie Ray had invited Rotarians back to their place post the Park opening to thank the Club for its initiative.

Other Business
Community Strategic Plan – add to next agenda.

Meeting closed 10;22am

Next Committee meeting –21st February
Next Forum meeting – 10 March