Draft Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 18 January 2021 at 8.30am at Uniting Church 

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, David Brawn, Heather Macdonald, Ian Hendry, Garry Broadbridge, Laurie Watson, John Underwood, Geoff Armstrong, Gail Paton, Mary Beare and John Cullity
Apologies: James Robinson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 7 December 2020: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development

  • PP for 510 Beach Rd – Panel approved Council decision of 31 to 28 residential lots, with “similar character to adjoining subdivisions”. Action: Stuart to remind Council of its commitment to the number of lots being consistent with the other subdivisions.
  • PP for Hitchcocks Lane – Forum submission – John C spoke to the DCP and density of the lots. Footprint of house can be no larger than 50% of lot size, which reduces the chance of multi dwellings.  Passive open space planned.
  • PP for Wire Ln – new proposal expected
  • DA for 57 Victoria St – residents have been assisted with process of sending submissions.
  • DA Mananga function centre – 140 objections – Council staff have sent a comprehensive Request for Additional Info (RAI) to the applicant. Pullman St residents have met with Clrs White and Gash. Applicant has contacted Stuart on his personal email. Action: David to respond to applicant on behalf of the Committee. Action: David to remind Chamber President of need to demonstrate mandate for submission
  • DA Bong Bong Rd tourist resort – 140 objections – applicant to respond to Council RAI and RFS concerns.
  • DA Mt Hay Primitive Glamping – 160 objections – applicant to respond to RFS concerns.
  • DA Parker Cr – LEC Conciliation Conference 8 March.
  • 599 Coolangatta Rd – awaiting new DA.
  • Milton DCP – Action: Stuart to investigate how we should progress with Council.
  • Byron Council function center LEP changes: Action: Stuart to investigate

Infrastructure & Facilities
No updates available.


  • The Repower Solar Farm development in South Nowra should be constructed by the end of 2021, subject to financial approval later this month.
  • David B provided an update on the Rotary project to plant an avenue of 100 trees along the North Street path to commemorate 100 years of Rotary service in Australia. He provided copies of an article to be included in the February Town Crier and an updated version of the tree plan (subject to change). He also confirmed that Rotary did not intend to interfere with views of the Escarpment (as mentioned in the TC article).

Other Business –
Website Domain Name rule changes being implemented in April include a requirement for non-profit groups to be incorporated if they wish to continue using ’.org.au’ in their website address.
Action: Stuart to investigate

Meeting Closed: 10:25

Next Committee meeting – 22 February
Next Forum meeting – April??