Draft Minutes of the Berry Forum Meeting
Held 16 March 2023, 7.30pm at the Uniting Church Ha

Present: 53 people attended, including councilors Serena Copley, Tonia Gray and Patricia White.
Apologies: Councilors John Wells and Matthew Norris

Welcome and IntroductionDavid Carter (Chair)
Minutes from meeting held 13 October – Approve

Roadworks Status
Councils Northern Engineer provided responses to questions raided by residents on the status and plans for work on Beach Rd, Woodhill Mountain Rd, Wattamolla Rd, Bundewallah Rd, Broughton Vale Rd and Boundary Rd.
Subcontractors are being used for road repairs considered ‘Natural Disaster’ areas: Woodhill Mountain Rd and Wattamolla

Proposed 24/7 Service Station/Fast Food Store
John Jeston, from Preserve Berry’s Character, which is coordinating the community opposition to the current proposal, advised that Council has been informed there are two jurisdictional issues which could mean it does not have the power to determine the modified application, other than by refusal. Councillors Patricia White, Serena Copley and Tonia Grey stated they would organize a meeting with the Planning Director to discuss the legal option.

Agritourism Planning Provision Status
In October, NSW Planning Minister Roberts stopped councils from prohibiting any Agritourism land uses and weakened the development standards, without genuine community consultation. Both Gareth Ward and The Greens have issued statements stating their commitment to reversing the Minister’s agritourism changes,

Short Term Rental Accomodation
A local resident addressed the problem of disruption to local amenity caused by Airbnb and Stayz guests. He proposed controls and processes be considered by Council:

DA20/1621 – 260 Mount Hay Road
Council has advised that the applicant has withdrawn the DA and has discontinued the appeal at the Land & Environment Court

General Business: Request for Planning Priorities

  • Judith Ball provided information regarding a heritage seminar to be held 29 March.
  • Traffic cushions are being considered for pedestrian crossings on Queen St.
  • It was agreed that Forum meetings would be held on a quarterly basis in future.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm