‘Temporary’ Function Centres
In October, we let you know that the Committee had supported community members objecting to DA18/2115 – ‘Temporary use of land for the purpose of a function centre – weddings and social events’. Their objections were based on the adverse impacts they had experienced whilst the function centre had operated without DA approval.
The applicant has recently proposed some reductions in the maximum number of functions and guests, but residents have reaffirmed that their core issues have not been addressed.

The amended application does not conform with the LEP and could set a precedent allowing any property owner across the Shoalhaven to host weddings and social parties up to 52 times a year, with marquees, mobile toilets, etc. being set up every Friday and taken down and removed every Monday.

If you are also concerned by this potential precedent you may want to email council@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au quoting DA18/2115 & your name/address.

The Committee has again raised the following issues with Council –
1) Clause 2.8 (3b) of the LEP states that the temporary use must not adversely impact on any adjoining land or the amenity of the neighbourhood.
2) Legal precedent states there must be an absence of adverse impact, rather than an acceptable impact.

Closure of Woodhill Mountain Road
On Friday last week there was substantial confusion due to Council advising some residents that the road would be closed from 7am to 4pm weekdays for four weeks commencing 18 February. Concerted action by concerned residents and councillors resulted in postponement of the start date and less stringent road closure times.

Council has now provided the following advice –
Substantial road repairs between 3.2km and 4.7km from the Queen St roundabout are scheduled from 4 March with an estimated completion date of 29 March. A road closure for through-traffic will be in place on working days only, Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:00pm, thus allowing for morning and afternoon school bus runs. Additionally, a 20-minute opening between 12pm and 12:20pm will be provided. Variable message boards will be set up on the approaches to the site to advise road users of the change to traffic conditions.

The road pavement width has forced the work to be carried out under a road closure for through-traffic, as operating the grader and the resultant loose pavement gravel, doesn’t leave enough room for conventional one-lane traffic control measures to be implemented. Council appreciates that the closure is an inconvenience to residents who live in the Wattamolla, Brogers Creek, Woodhill Mtn and surrounding areas, and has planned a closure timetable to try to balance everyone’s needs. The work site and detour plan is illustrated on the map (Council website). For more information, please contact the Roads Unit on 4406 2000.”