Minutes Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at the School of Arts on Monday 14th September 2015 at 10.15am.

Present: Noel Marshall (Vice Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Laurie Watson, Hania Norman, Bill Rice, Marilyn Kellett, James Robinson, John Cullity, John Underwood
Apologies: David Carter, Dorothy Hanbridge, Mary Beare, Margot Claringbold

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 10 September
The minutes were agreed and approved.

Minutes of the Forum Meeting held on 10 September
The minutes were agreed for circulation. They will be approved at the next Forum meeting.

Minutes of the AGM held on 10 September
The minutes were agreed and approved.

Berry District Park Master Plan
The growth in population for Berry in the Demographics did not appear to reflect the major expansion of Huntingdale Park.
There did not appear to be any specifically allocated funding for the plan.
We should consider the incorporation of a “Petting Zoo” or farm animal interaction experience for city based families as a tourist attraction.
We need to better understand how RMS and Fulton Hogan will commit resources.
The draft submission from the Forum was agreed.
The Strategic Plan Sub-committee will need to accelerate planning and actions related to the Berry District Park area.

Article for the Town Crier
The draft article was approved.

Berry Amenities
Discussion about short-term opportunity versus longer-term requirements of incorporating facilities within Berry District Park
As funding is available now, it was agreed that we should work with Council to identify preferred location for short-term solution for public amenities.
Response to Brad Davis from Council to suggest two options

  1. A new facility in the carpark behind Sew and Tell (providing there is no encroachment on the Museum land)
  2. A expansion of the current facility in Apex Park

Strategic Plan

  • The Forum website now includes an area dedicated to the Berry Strategic Plan.
  • James Robinson was elected unanimously to the position of Chair of the Strategic Plan sub-committee. (Bill Rice to assist with facilitation of meetings and process.)
  • All Forum Committee members except Noel and Marilyn expressed interest in being involved with Sub-committee
  • Session at October Forum meeting to include –
  • Presentation by Locale (consultants) on process for creation of Strategic Plan for Shoalhaven Heads
  • Presentation by Jessica Rippon on importance of Berry Strategic Plan to Council
  • Discussion on potential areas of focus for Strategic Plan
  • Invitation to all Forum members to indicate willingness to join sub-committee or working groups.

Community Noticeboard
John Underwood accepted role of ‘owner’

Other Business

  • It was agreed that individual Committee member email addresses be included on emails within Committee (rather than BCC) so everyone can “Reply All”
  • It was agree that John Cullity and Stuart Coughlan review and refine process whereby relevant DAs can be brought to the attention of the Forum.
  • All Committee members were asked to identify potential sources for borrowing a projector for future Forum meetings.
  • John Cullity to further investigate letter from Council identifying “Housekeeping Amendments” related to subdivision of properties within split zones.

Date of Next Committee Meeting
Monday 28th September 2015 at 10.15am.

Meeting closed at 12.15pm