Draft Minutes of the Berry Forum Meeting
Held 12 December 2019 7:30pm at the School of Arts

Present: 125 people, including Deputy Mayor Patricia White. Apologies: Clr.John Wells

Welcome and Introduction (David Carter – Chairman)
Minutes of the meeting held 10 October were approved

Draft Planning Proposal 55 Wire Lane 
Leanne Orr addressed the meeting and reiterated the key findings of the Joint Regional Planning Panel that – “There should no further consideration of rezoning proposals for rural residential subdivision until Council has developed a rural residential strategy & identified regionally important agricultural lands.”
Following her presentation, Leanne received endorsement from the meeting for her upcoming deputation at the Council meeting on 17 December.

Council Community Information Session held on 13 November
Stuart Coughlan presented several Council slides explaining the two reviews currently being conducted into SLEP Clause 2.8 Temporary Use of Land and the SLEP provisions relating to Tourist & Visitor accommodation.

Infrastructure updates 
The Committee is following up on issues raised by residents with Council about aspects of the replacement of Edward Street bridge. Work is not due to complete until April.
The design of the refurbished Apex Park toilets was presented. Assessment of the tender for works will be completed in February.

George Street Park Sculpture
Margret Street updated the Forum on the sculpture created by Michael Purdey. A sandstone pillar from Huntingdale that was removed for the Berry bypass was split into 4 and a red cedar was planted in the center.

Forum Correspondence
Advice re the Community Information Session
Submission to Council re 55 Wire Ln draft Planning Proposal
Kangaroo Valley Rd Safety Project nominated for 2020/21
Request Milton Uladullah Bypass Committee
Letters received from lawyer re Mananga building works

General Business

  • In response to a question from the floor about a DA for Mananga Homestead, Stuart explained that Council had asked the proponent to amend the DA for tourist cabins. A request was made that the Committee make a submission to Council, but the owner of Mananga requested an opportunity to present to the Forum before submissions are made.
  • A resident at the Arbour offered his thanks for the Forum’s support over the noise caused by the bypass, but advised that noise concerns are still an issue.
  • A proposal that Forum members establish a fund to support the Committee in defending legal actions was applauded. The proposal will be discussed at the next Committee meeting.

Meeting Closed at 9pm
Next Forum Meeting – 13 February