Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on Monday 17 August 2020 at 8.30am at the Uniting Church 

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, John Underwood, David Brawn, Heather Macdonald, Mary Beare, Gail Paton, Garry Broadbridge, James Robinson and, Laurie Watson
Apologies John Cullity and Geoff Armstrong

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 27 July 2020: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development

  • Managing tourist development impacts – Stuart circulated a draft document with suggested amendments to SLEP. The Committee supported the changes and will seek support from councilors White, Wells and Giles. We will provide dates for a meeting.
  • Action: Stuart to send the draft to the councillors
  • Primitive Camping Ground – applicants are using this description to obtain approval for glamping and avoiding the 2005 Regulations requirements in Subdivisions 1 to 8. Almost all of the residents of both Mount Hay Road and Bong Bong Rd have raised concerns about the DA for 260 Mount Hay Rd and requested the Forum Committee’s assistance. Concerns include road conditions, noise and increased traffic. Patricia White has called it in. The Committee was given a mandate to respond on the community’s behalf on inappropriate development and will raise our serious concerns with Council.
  • ACTION: Stuart to draft an email to Council requesting clarification on the misuse of the Primitive Camping Ground description., The Committee thanked Stuart for his continuing work to provide development impact information to the Committee.
  • The Committee noted the proposed redrafting of a Council paper about the Berry Heritage investigation study that may recommend only a relatively small number of new heritage listings. The paper will be considered at the Development Committee meeting on 1 September. The Berry Historical Society is considering making a deputation

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Berry amenities upgrade at Apex Park – finish dated expected in September.
  • Edward St bridge – pending
  • KV footpath – pending
  • Bridge railings – pending
  • Queen Street crossings – final design pending. It will go to Traffic Committee for comments.

Shoalhaven Solar Farm – Continuing to move forward. Discussions are ongoing with Council regarding the lease on the land. The legal issues regarding public funding are being looked at.

Council Matters
L’Etape 2020 cycling event postponed – noted
Organisation restructure –Stuart updated the Committee

Other Business

  • Toolijooa rail loop investigation – Derek Jorgensen request for Forum advocacy. Action: Stuart to respond advising Committee’s position.
  • Request to Chamber re notifying members that the TFC petition claim was false. – James does not think the meetings are providing any positive outcomes, so recommended that they stop.  The Committee agreed.

Meeting Closed: 10:55

Next Committee meeting – TBA
Next Forum meeting and AGM – TBA